What happened. The clear glaze came out slightly blue.

Carlsbad, CA(Zone 10b)

Hi All,
I made this last April and finally glazed and took it to class to be fired. I have front that the basic idea is from internet, I'm not too creative, but can copy with changes, and as my husband says "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" so I always give credit. Overall I love it, except the clear glaze is slightly blue. The blue shows more in person than in the photo. Also, I used Patch-Attach in some cracks in the feet and although it usually comes out white it came out slightly tan and shows through the clear. I know it's a whimsical calico cat, but they don't have blue and I just don't like those parts.

I did put on a heavy coat of clear, you couldn't see any color under it, and it does go on light blue in the same shade it turned out. However, it has always come out perfectly clear on unglazed sections and over all glazes in the past. My instructor says maybe it had a bit of blue mixed in, but I don't think so. I should add that the back which I left plain but glazed with clear, although not as thick, came out perfectly white; but I can't remember if I did them from the same container.

With mild tremors I'm a slow glazer so put some time into it and do want to hang it up. It's part of a set of three cats for the fence. It seems my options are: 1) to re-fire and see if it just wasn't quite mature - my instructor won't like that, 2) glaze over those sections with white and then re-fire - she won't like that either, or 3) accept it as is knowing that every time I look at it I'll be slightly disappointed.

Has anyone ever encountered this happening before? Can you overdo clear to the point where it does come out slightly blue? Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

P.S. Everything I post lately is sideways, even when reloaded, and even when I turn the photo to allow for a quarter turn. Anyone else having the same problem?

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