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indoor bouquet filler started to grow

North Windham, ME

Hello All!
I brought home a leftover centerpiece from work which had these brown swirly twigs stuck in it to add decoration. My father thought they looked cool and stuck them in with his bamboo plant and one of them started to turn green, grow in height, and sprouted leaves! The other stayed brown and dead. Can you please help identify this plant?


Closeup of leaves
Original state of plant / brown dead twig
Base of plant in soil with bamboo
Full plant left to right: plant in question, bamboo in center, dead twig version of plant

Thumbnail by StephClarke Thumbnail by StephClarke Thumbnail by StephClarke Thumbnail by StephClarke
Seattle, WA


Upland, CA(Zone 9a)

Wild guess : Salix matsudana, 'Tortulosa'

Ridgemark, CA

Looks like Curly Willow.

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