about my garden

Brooklyn, NY(Zone 7b)

Well... my video interview of me in my garden is up and running this week... come visit with me in my garden... and be sure to look through and visit some of the other NYorkers also.. all hard core individuals
I'm afraid...

(Arlene) Southold, NY(Zone 7a)

Absolutely wonderful! You certainly are an artist, a gardener and a New Yorker. It was a lovely tour, Gordon.

What is the name of the spiral with the "crystal" ball? It's so lovely.

(Arlene) Southold, NY(Zone 7a)

It's just too easy to spot your gardens from above! Great job!

Your gardens stand out like a big, beautiful green thumb.

Thumbnail by pirl
Brooklyn, NY(Zone 7b)

Hi Arlene... welll thanks... see you found me out,
this is the crystal ball wind spinner
there's lots of them listed with google.. hyptnotic

(Arlene) Southold, NY(Zone 7a)

Thank you, Gordon. I loved how your garden was presented and getting to see you talk about plants.

I love the wind spinner and will definitely buy one and think of you when I see it.

South Florida, FL(Zone 10b)

That was lovely!
I really enjoyed it!

Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

Wonderful to see the green in the midst of alphalt.
Would love to see what you would do with at least 5 acres. You would make it into an inviting paradise.
Keep gardening its good for the soul and exercise.

Holly Springs, NC(Zone 7b)

Terribly sorry to see that you will be selling your little piece of paradise. Will you be able to take much of your garden with you?

Brooklyn, NY(Zone 7b)

Ianakila... as apart of a divorce greement I'm buying my wife out of her share of it.. so I get to stay.. already doing some renovations... A Brazillain Koi wood floor.. with granite and marble inlays... and a new crown molding that hangs down away from the ceiling.. and washes it with 360 ... color LEDs... osIcn change it to any color I wish
Bonnie... well I'd love to go wild on 5 acres... but somewhere where it doesn't freeze... ever.. going to get it together some time in the future and go south somewhere.. to do just that.. OH...and find love again

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Virginia Beach, VA

Amazing!!! Do you bring down your plants during winter?


Brooklyn, NY(Zone 7b)

Belle....oh.. some I bring down.. inside... and I build a 8' x 10' cool room on the roof out of 2" thick foam.. about 10' tall... lots gets put in there.. I pull them from the pots and put the rootballs one next to the other.. it has light and heat..come spring I cut most of the roof away and let them adjust to the outside conditions before I bring them out...
Oh the crown picture didn't load... here it is along with the cool room

Thumbnail by GordonHawk
(Arlene) Southold, NY(Zone 7a)

How neat is that?! Did you do the painting on the molding? Love the lighting!

Virginia Beach, VA

I am glad you do not have to sell your property.


(Arlene) Southold, NY(Zone 7a)

Me, too, Belle. I breathed a big sigh of relief when I read Gordon would stay there with his grand garden.

Brooklyn, NY(Zone 7b)

yes.. pril.. I did paint it... all white.. then a coat of pearl... then the colors.... flower color with pearl 2-3-4 coats on everthing.. the garland is two coats of metalic gold with two coat of gold sparkles..initally I'd just wanted to push it some.. then some more.. then all that over almost 60'.. it got to take longer than I'd considered.. but relaxing.. to suspend time and just do some more..

Thumbnail by GordonHawk
(Arlene) Southold, NY(Zone 7a)

You certainly are an accomplished person with lots of talent.

Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

I like the Brazillian floor. It's just beautiful. Being a New England Yankee I have a special appreciation for beautiful woods.
You may want to consider Florida considering you are an avid gardner. I've been here 43 years and still discovering different plants that will grow here and those that won't. Had my first garden when I was 9 and still love to see things grow.
Happy Gardening.


Phoenix, AZ

Gordon, I loved the video! Love seeing your Brugs.

in Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

Awesome garden Gordon. Thanks for sharing with us.

Greenville, SC(Zone 7a)

Gordon, I enjoyed the video, Thanks for posting it, It's always a breath of fresh air to see a video of someone who enjoys gardening so much! Doesn't really matter that no one can see it on the roof top ( Well, I guess sometimes we would all like someone to see our Garden Art Of effort) It's obvious that You enjoy the beauty of what you do and thats all that really matters. I was the same as you in a lot of ways, I use to live on three acreas that was set way off the road and no one could really see all the gardens I had, But, It didn't really matter to me because it was just something I loved and enjoyed doing, A little bit of paradise and it didn't matter if anyone else seen it or not There is just something about your own private garden thats unlike anything else. ~ I think Im going to have to get me one of those crystal spinners too! ~Your a sales person by accident lol!! You have beautiful gardens there, thanks again for sharring!

Dahlonega, GA

Nice area down south is Eatonton , Ga

Edinburg, TX


I have several of those large marble spinners...got some copper ones with a red marble at a craft show for $12 each then found some others out of some other metal (that rusts!) that had a large dark iridescent marble at one of those dollar type stores for something like $7 a couple of years ago.

Funny about you wishing for a place that wouldn't freeze...only yesterday it hit 100 here!!! UGH!!!

The ranch is a couple hundred acres of native trees and wildlfe but alas so very dry. No rain...no rain...no hope for rain! It used to be beautiful with wildflowers all in bloom but the drought has taken a toll the past few years. Send an iceberg...we can use the cold and enjoy the melt!

~ Cat

Northwest, MO(Zone 5a)

Just Lovely...When my husband and I went to NY several years ago, we could see there were some rooftop gardens and now I know the beauty they behold.

Thank you for sharing the beauty.

Dahlonega, GA

TPP , we got here the first of October and have had one rain that you could measure . Back in Ga , they are saying rain is every week .

Edited to say , I'm in Rockport now , DUH !

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Brooklyn, NY(Zone 7b)

Well... Thanks Arlene...you visitation invite is still current..for the '13 season...
Bonnie.. yes.. I grew up ...2-18 in MA.. maybe that's where it comes from... yes.. I am considering FL... htere re areas not so stricken by the cold... Hawaii is less concerned with water shortages... which might be the wild card in the new world order...
Fish... Thanks... glad you enjoyed the work
Patti... thank you... I'll be posting lots for the new season
Digger ... thanks.. I'll have to take a detour through Eatonton sometime... on one of my twice yearly southern jaunts to visit mother... next one the first part of May.. good luck on getting rain also...
TPP... yes the spinners are fun... they had a small motorized one ... with it they are always in motion.. there's not much further south than you there... 100 sounds lovely to me today... it must have snowed 6 times today... never more than a few flakes.. but still cold enough to make hours of outside garden work tiresome.. here's wishing ya'll can get some meaningfull rain soon there...
Deb.. yes lots of roof development now.. some 44 years ago.. when I was making moss clothing and other plant art.. .. there was little growing here anywhere..SO ...I was introducing it where ever I could... but now there's alot of growing happening... thankfully...

Edinburg, TX

Digger...welcome back to Texas...land of no rain if you're down south!

Gordon...you are so right...can't get any further south without ending up in Mexico!!! ...and considering my line of work - the only snow I see out here by the border is the illegal kind!!! LOL!!! Here's wishing you had our heat and we had just a wee bit of your cold temps!!!

~ Cat

(Arlene) Southold, NY(Zone 7a)

I's 29 degrees now in NYC! We had light flurries yesterday (nothing stuck) and we're due for more in a few days.

Virginia Beach, VA

It is still very cold here and we also had flurries yesterday.

Dh already applied crabgrass control and arranging some potted plants.

think spring!!! Belle

Dahlonega, GA

TPP didn't make it to Mexico this trip but definantly want to do this fall when we get back and meet for coffee , tea , or lemonaid .The valley has changed so much since I lived in McAllen . There was nothing on N 10th all the way out to the road that goes into Edinburg . . Where did all the people come from ?

Edinburg, TX

Digger...Mexico! LOL!

Yeah the LRGV has grown by leaps and bounds. Used to zip to work with only a couple of lights to slow me down...now there are gobs of schools (I can walk faster than the 20 mph zones) and every bisecting street has a traffic light. UGH!!!

...and I wasn't kidding when I typed Mexico. It's bad there and we get the spill over. The businesses love it and subdivisions are popping up everywhere. Good looking upscale neighborhoods too but bad thing is there are so many stash houses and bunkers and home invasions. Every week it seems.

Dahlonega, GA

I know , I know . It's so sad that a nice little place like McAllen , so slow and sleepy could grow so big and if you cross the street , you're in another little town , when they used to be miles apart . I wouldn't want to live there again , the way it is today .
I went to get meds before and vanilla flavoring . No reason to go again altho things were quiet before , with a lot of tourists .Women out , with babies .
I have a video , almost classified , that shows the gory details in very graphic closeup .
I still intend to get to the valley to do some shopping altho won't go across .

Edinburg, TX

Digger...I think we've hi-jacked enough of Gordon's thread :o)

As a last note...Progreso is still considered safe when the winter tourists abound.

Brooklyn, NY(Zone 7b)

oh...not to worry....I enjoy the insight into warm areas....and where I might enjoy going..... I've a cousin in el Passo... might get to visit him on some exploratory trip... I've never been to most of the southern tx places... I did enjoy being in Galveston for a plumeria conference a number of year ago... but motly drove through the upper part on my way west a fe w times.. now I'm just renovating here... new everything that's dated .. this weekend it's cold here so the inside project is sewing new covers on new quick dry foam... for all my seating areas... my mothers 103 year old machine needed a bunch of tuning up before i could use it... then 1200' of bamboo for new trellising... with the top cut unevenly to mimic the buldings skyline [ the white bundles in the second picture ]... and a few new projects with it ...the 15 year old stuff was weak and ready to break.. and some had broken away ... I did do some planting of black mondo grass surounding the grass lawn on the roof in the cold.. and new rugs up there...I've bags of Lilies in the frig awaiting the pots to thaw out.. [ not a problem in south TX ] Sandi gave me a honorary Texan bumper sticker if I ever descide to make the trip there

Thumbnail by GordonHawk Thumbnail by GordonHawk
Dahlonega, GA

Yeah , the downtown tourist area of Progreso seems to be off limits to the cartels . Between the merchants , Canada, and USA , don't think it would be wise to invade that area . Funny , as far as I know , it's the only place on the border that is fairly safe . When we trucked , loved going over from El Paso . bought leather goods there. We had a terminal in El Paso , another in Laredo ,and got blankets there . I could resale them up north in the truck stops to everybody and double the money . Still cheaper than anyone could buy them from the truck stop store . I really do miss being on our truck and seeing the beautiful USA .I wouldn't dare cross in Laredo or El Paso now . That's life , find a great place and man screws it up .

Edinburg, TX

Funny ya'll mention El Paso. My brother went to a taxidermy conference there this weekend. My SIL called to say they're on their way back and it was 37 degrees in El Paso yesterday. It was 100 here!!! Go figure!!!

Today I woke up to cool temps but it was extremely windy...the sun has been out and it's hot again! UGH!

The price of blankets and pots, decorations etc has skyrocketed. Seems others got on the re-sell wagon and our neighbors to the south got smart and upped the prices. Used to see lots of folks bringing back chimenas and pottery to sell up north.

Still laughing at Gordon's comment about having lilies waiting for pots to thaw out! Don't laugh at me...but there are times when I grab a package of meat out of the freezer and instead of defrosting it in the microwave I'll set it on the back porch to thaw out! Works like a charm! LOL!!!

Hey, those old Singer sewing machines work great don't they. My grandma refused to use anything else even when my mom would bring over her new fandangled one back when we were growing up. Mom still has the old sewing machine that used to belong to her mother as well as one from her mother in law. Am not sure how old they are but one has a yellow calendar from 1930 in a drawer.

As for me...I just take what I need done to the upholstery shop :o)

Here's a photo of my spinners. I have a couple of the copper with the big red crystal ball...as I collect red/ruby glass. The other is one I purchased a few years back at one of those dollar type stores...rusted quickly. Guess I could sand it down and spray it with rustoleum but ehhh...the rust adds character?! LOL!!! (okay, am lazy)

Thumbnail by TexasPuddyPrint
Grand Junction, CO(Zone 6a)

Lovely...is the copper solid or tubing? How did you coil it? The red glass is beautiful. Maybe I'll find something similar in my haunts. Thanks for th idea.

Edinburg, TX

I purchased it at a craft show - it is solid - as it is a wee bit heavy. I love red glass and have a 3 inch red crystal ball paper weight that I often pick up and gaze stupidly at the tiny bubbles inside :o) What can I say...am also distracted by shiny objects!!! LOL!!!

Dahlonega, GA

Back 25 years ago when I was buying the blankets , the cheap ones were 3.00 and the truck stops were selling them for 15.00 .I got 10.00 .

Edinburg, TX

$3.00???!!! Are we talking about the San Marcos brand? I haven't seen those in years. Yeah....I guess 25 years ago $3.00 was okay considering minimum wage was about $6 :o)

Now they sell some fuzzy looking ones that are warm and soft but getting thinner and thinner every year. We have way too many counterfeits coming from Mexico and China of Disney characters and whatnot. I had to pay $45 here in the USA for a Sponge Bob one for my great nephew (and it fit only a full size bed)...am quite positive it was a counterfeit printing! (Sometimes I really hate my job and knowing these things! LOL!!!) The king sized ones are close to $100!!! Haven't been out shopping for the past year so don't know if the prices have gone up or down.

I still like to make people cringe when they are showing off their 'designer' purses, clothing, sunglasses and jewelry!!! A while back a lady came into the office to ask questions and she plopped her Louis Vuitton purse on the counter. I said sweet knock-off. It looks better than most I've seen. She about had a seizure trying to convince me it was legit. Funny thing was the place she bought it from was busted twice for selling counterfeit merchandise. That place finally shut it's doors after the third bust. Am sure they up and moved to another location and changed their name and are at it again.

Gordon...are you getting an education here? I bet New York has tons of counterfeit merchandise floating around. I'd love to prowl around that town one of these years.

Brooklyn, NY(Zone 7b)

HA HA HA Counterfits... you're kidding me... this New York ... The Big Apple... it's all counterfit... well close to it...I've worn nothing but Rollex with the diamonds and Patek Philippe ... cartier... and the other high end brands for watches for the last 30 years... I must have a box full of them not working anymore... but rolex for $30 is hard to beat... I'm so hard on them ... between work and gardening even if they weere real they would be scored on heavily... they used to sell them on the counters ... now the brands that protest have forced thoes brands to folks on the street selling them.. bags..scarves and every thing with a market is sold ripped off.. sometimes by unsuspecting named stores.. it's not just names on the items... they mimic the look of all the paticular catalog items...
TPP... it sounds like you work for an enforcment agency.. are you a pro...
it's not just clothing... you can get scallops that are sting rays die cut to look like scllops...and the list is endless.. in every industery.. auto parts..and the branded sports equiptment..

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