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SOLVED: Ethiopian tree

Addis ababa, Ethiopia

We have this tree growing in our yard. It emits a strong bad smell around 11pm at night. During daylight hours it has a light citronella-like smell. The night smell is awful.

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Bristol, United Kingdom

Are you sure its not a tree covered in this plant? The plant looks like a passiflora sp.

Beautiful, BC(Zone 8b)

I agree. What I'm seeing is the Passiflora vine covering a tree.

San Francisco, CA

I agree as well; if you could get a clear picture of an open flower, I might be able to give the species - only a few flower at night.

Addis ababa, Ethiopia

Thank you everyone for your help. It is a passiflora variety that had taken over two trees when we started untangling it. When it blooms again, I'll start a new thread to see if we can identify the species.

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