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SOLVED: Please help me identify 2 plants

Telford, United Kingdom

Hi everyone,

I have just moved to a new house and can't identify two plants (I am new to gardening). I am in the UK. Please let me know if you can help me.

The first two pictures are plant 1 and the second two are plant 2.

Many thanks,


Thumbnail by hanimal Thumbnail by hanimal Thumbnail by hanimal Thumbnail by hanimal
Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

Your plant 1 is Climbing Hydrangea (Hydrangea anomala var. petiolaris).

Show us more images of your plant 2 - the opposite foliaged one, which looks like it could be a couple of things.

Beautiful, BC(Zone 8b)

Agree with #1 and #2 is Hypericum.

Telford, United Kingdom

Thank you both very much.

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