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any suggestions for growing celery?

Pensacola, FL

All of my other first plantings are working out so far, haven't seen anything out of my celery seeds. suggestions?

Madras, OR

I start celery in seed trays and then transplant out when about 4" high. I work compost into the row and then transplant using a vit b 1 solution to water in. Once they are about 8" tall, I lightly tie the stalk together to discourage earwigs. I do not trench them in dirt as I have seen suggested. Tying them together blanches the centers enough. I use Utah Tall

Pensacola, FL

Cool, I have seed trays. Did you surface sow? what about sun exposure?

Madras, OR

the seed is very small, so I do sow it on the surface and sprinkle very very light seed starting soil over the top. Here in the desert of Oregon, it takes full sun, we do have cool nights, so I don't know what to tell you about Florida/ I would check with your extension service to see if they are growing it there. It may be a spring or fall crop for you/

Pensacola, FL

full sun worked! they're germinating. Thanks!!

Delhi, LA

I'm glad to see this post. I bought celery seed for the first time this year. The info will come in handy. Thanks.

Madras, OR

I keep my celery seed slightly damp, warm and bright,. I transplant out when they get 4-6 inches tall and the weather has moderated.

I sell some at the farmers market, the rest, after the weather threatens to turn off cold, i chop and simmer only about 4 mins in chicken broth, then freeze it in one cup containers. Then it gets added to soups, stews and dressing, etc all winter/

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