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ID This Bug Please

Emigsville, PA

This bug is about an inch long including antennae. It is swarming around wooden objects near the Susquehanna River in York, Pa in March. This particular one was alone sitting in the 55 F sunshine in Emigsville, Pa. Thanks for your time.

Thumbnail by OrangeMonkey
Minot, ND

This is a winter stonefly in the family Taeniopterygidae -
They can be active at temperatures near freezing -

Emigsville, PA

Thanks, Flapdoodle you nailed it. It's interesting that this is an insect found near streams. As I mentioned I was trying to ID an insect spotted in swams near the Susquehanna River but the photo I had was from my yard which is not near any body of water. Maybe I need to take up Trout fishing!! Have a good day.

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