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milk jugs

Landisburg, PA(Zone 6a)

do you have to have the top and bottom entirely taped shut??
I have done several and it seems to just tape the front the sides don't close entirely shut.

Clinton Township, MI(Zone 6a)

I just taped in the corner. They don't close entirely. But I don't want mine to. I like that they can get moisture that way also and hopefully will vent them somewhat also, WHEN it FINALLY warms up here!

Calgary, Canada

I do not tape them---yes it vents them and also allows moisture to go into the jugs.

Somewhere in, MD(Zone 7b)

I don't even use any tape at all to close the top to the bottom. I punch a hole just above and below the cut (which divides the top from the bottom), and use a twist-tie to hold it shut. This way there's more air circulation AND more ways for rain and snow to get into the containers.

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

I too used to use twisty ties ... found worked better than tape... the duct tape never lasted the winter
but i broke my hole punch....

but I do like them "closed" as with the wind, the soil dries out too fast, once the potting mix is no longer frozen.

Clinton Township, MI(Zone 6a)

I used Gorilla tape and it is holding up great! Plus I save a step not having to punch holes

Somewhere in, MD(Zone 7b)

Gorilla products are wonderful!!! I seem to be a bit "addicted" to my Husky knife, it's got a regular 'knife' side and a razor side, and that's what I use to poke my holes in my milk jugs. What can I say, I'm a girl, and my knife is pink! < =)

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