need help iding this tiny bug crawling on whiteflies

st Thomas, Virgin Islands (USA)

We have a severe whitefly problem and as I clipped off a branch of the bouganvilla I saw these tiny grey/ tan bugs crawling over the whitefly larva. I am not sure if they are helpful or harmful. I can't seem to upload a pic so to describe it- it has a flat tear shaped body greyish tan w/ darker markings on the side edges looks like an african mask sort of, it has 6 legs it is a little bigger than the whitefly larva, crawls pretty fast- don't think it flies

st Thomas, Virgin Islands (USA)

not quite- I looked at it under a microscope and it looks like it has under developed wings- maybe?

Thumbnail by uglymotherpluck
Minot, ND

Nymph of a true bug (order Hemiptera), but can't tell much else...

st Thomas, Virgin Islands (USA)

Thank you for your replies- I have been trimming off the leaves that are over 50% infested and bagging and freezing them. I think the soapy water may be helping a bit too.

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