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SOLVED: A unknown tree in my garden

Tirunelveli, India

Can anyone help me please in the identification of this mysterious tree.

Thumbnail by delince
Beautiful, BC(Zone 8b)

A few questions. What USDA climate zone are you in?
Is there a large tree in the area that might have similar foliage? Any spines on it? When you crush a leaflet, is there a discernible aroma?

Tirunelveli, India

I am in south India and I don't know the USDA zone of my area. There is no other tree similiar to this type foliage nearby and there is no spines.

Pitesti, Romania

I'm no expert, but to me it looks like a young Fraxinus tree.

Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

The foliage is pinnately compound, so it looks much like Fraxinus sp. However, the foliage is alternately arranged along the stem - Fraxinus sp. are opposite in arrangement - so it must be something else.

Which leaves a lot of choices...

Trivandrum, India

This is Lannea coromandelica

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