trumpet honeysuckle in a container?

Philadelphia, PA

Does anyone have any experience growing trumpet honeysuckle from a container? I'm looking for a fast-growing vine that will cover a wire fence and ideally stay green in the winter. It seems like trumpet honeysuckle fits this description but I'm not seeing much information about this plant that is specific to container growing. Any info or other vine suggestions are much appreciated!

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

What will you do when the vine needs repotting? Repotting includes root pruning and a change of soil, and is an important part of the long term care of woody material in containers.


Philadelphia, PA

Al- I suppose I will repot it, prune the roots, and change the soil... as far as I understand, that would be necessary with any perennial grown in a container. Am I missing something?

Columbus, OH

I grow a L. periclymenum in a large container. I use Al's mix and knock the whole vine out of the container every year, root prune, and replace with some new soil. I probably replace 1/3 to 1/2 of the soil volume. It's variegated, so not as large and vigorous as other honeysuckles.

Philadelphia, PA

Thanks, Celene! Is yours considered semi-evergreen? If so, what exactly happens in the winter?

Columbus, OH

It is supposed to be, but it dies down to 6" or even the soil and resprouts from the roots. I find that the sprouts from the roots contain more reversions that need pruned off, but that won't be a factor for your plant. HTH!

Philadelphia, PA

Interesting- you're probably in a colder zone than I am. We'll see what happens in the heat sink of South Philadelphia!

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