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Identify black and yellow tree spider

Can anyone please tell me what spider this is? We encountered it in mozambique a while ago. The residents tried to kill it by drowning it. I am a photographer and after about half an hour my mom called me to take a photo of the spider -so i removed it from the water and put it in a bottle so i could take a photo. After 15 minutes she and her male came back to life in the bottle so I took a photo of their belly's. The female has a red heart shape on her chest and the male has a yellow shape. After a while I set them free again. I would just really like to know what spider this is, and if they are poisonous or not? I can't find anything like it on the internet :(


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Minot, ND

These spiders are the species Nephilengys cruentata (family Nephilidae) see http://www.flickr.com/photos/cesar_gracia/5143281468/ and http://dipode-vie.net/Arachnides/Nephilidae/Nephilengys/BestOf/Nephilengys%20cruentata%20F,%2020mm,%20Sao%20Paulo,%20010712.html
Native to Africa, they have been introduced to South America; they are harmless to humans.

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