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Camping for 2013

Batesburg, SC(Zone 8a)

I noticed this thread doesn't get used much. Does anybody else out there go camping? I plan on doing an overnight on my trip out west, this next month, and one on the way back. I am going from SC to MO, and that is one long drive.

Willis, TX(Zone 8b)

I do. But I don't do it simply for the joy of campling. Now that I am retired, tent camping is a way to save money on my birding and photography trips. I eased back into camping with just one night at a nearby State Park to see if I could handle it and had a great time.

I just got back from a 4 nighter to a birding festival. It was $22/night with electricity, so only cost me $88 total for lodging. I probably saved around $80/night or about $320 on the trip by camping instead of staying at a motel. Getting a spot with electrical hook-ups costs a few bucks more, but with the electrical, I can keep my camera batteries and my cell phone charged. The savings from this one trip payed for all of my camping gear: 2-man tent, air mattress, jet-boil cooker, battery operated lantern, ground cloth and 25 foot outdoor rated electrical cord.

My little tent only takes about 15 minutes to set up. Throw the little air mattress and sleeping bag in the door and I'm all set.

So far, all of my camping has been in State Parks in Texas. They have all had tent camping spots with electrical, but I've found that it is more difficult to find outside of Texas. Many of the privately owned camping facilities (even in Texas) cater to RV campers and don't have shower facilities for tent campers.

For just a one night stay, I can live without electrical, so it is even less expensive.

Have fun!


Batesburg, SC(Zone 8a)

Hi Patti! Thanks for posting! I actually thought there would be more people camping these days, what with all the expensive gas prices, bad economy, etc going on. I am laid off myself, and don't want to spend all of DH's income just so I can travel out west to see family. Last time I drove out west, I was employed, and I could afford the hotel rooms etc. Not anymore, and doing that just isn't satisfying to me. I enjoy camping, exercising, even if it is only walking and enjoying the local scenery. I have camping gear, as well as a truck shell on my pick up. If the weather gets too nasty, I just collect all my things and head inside the shell.
I have been looking for weeks for a cookstove, and really had no need for those 2 burner ones. I found a nice little 1 burner propane stove at w-mart for $23.00, and already have cookware. It really doesn't take that much to feed one person while camping and driving.
My only needs are cell signal and wifi signal. I will be keeping in touch with my DH and my family while on the road, and getting in the middle of nowhere is where we live. I need communications while traveling...lmao.
I prefer state parks, and will be traveling from SC, through GA, AL, MS, AR, and MO. The trip/driving is just tedious, and there is no direct route there for me. So far, I have managed to locate one campground just south of Memphis that fits my needs and location requirements. I am going to try to book it for the round trip, and at $20.00 a night, that sounds good to me!
I am taking my camping gear, my small amount of clothing, my toiletries bag, food and cookware box, incidentals box, laptop, cellphone, camera. I have a destination, on a sofa at a relatives home. Maybe for a week to 10 days. Then, back home to SC.
As long as I am healthy enough to go camping, I prefer to travel that way.

Willis, TX(Zone 8b)

My thoughts exactly.

Good camping to you! Have fun.


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