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Morning Glories 2013 #2

Jacksonville, AR(Zone 7b)

We came from here

Blue Lavender Beauty last yr.

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Thumbnail by patootie
Jacksonville, AR(Zone 7b)

For Debra, a pic of the Pink Swirl Hibiscus that she has germinated since I stumbled onto it again.

Thumbnail by patootie
(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Thanks for the new thread! Love that pretty pink hibiscus!

Jacksonville, AR(Zone 7b)

Thanks Linda.
I hope I can get out of the house today or tomorrow and go looking at Lowes,HD's etc to see all
the new plants that are in. My Farmers Marlet has all their new tropicals in. Oh Happy Days, its been
such a long winter. :-)

(Debra) Derby, KS(Zone 6a)

so excited to see tha hibiscus. Mine are growing. Can't wait to get them into the ground.
Helena sure has some pretty flowers blooming, I think I am kinda jealous.
Last year September

Thumbnail by joeswife
Jacksonville, AR(Zone 7b)

Love the soft bloom colors Debra, very pretty.
My Pink Swirl Hibiscus is living in a small pot. If Dh isn't going to plant it in the ground, then I'm gonna plant it in a
large tub. At least in the lg tub, I can control the weeds. :-)

(Debra) Derby, KS(Zone 6a)

Plus it would be about right heigth, too. I am thinking about taking the tropicals out of their big tubs and pots before I have the boys haul them up the stairs , across the kitchen or dining room and out the back or out the front.. It is a hard job, I used to do it and then re-injured an old injury compounded by osteoporisis and scoiliosis and loss of bone density and well, I was down the best time of the year, almost 4 years ago. It would be easier on their backs to bring up the pots and tubs empty and let me re-pot them outside. Freshen things up a bit. design my patio room with walls of glorys. I can't wait. I have been looking at my seedlings and they are vining around each other. The established larger vines are ready for the porch facing east to harden off. Then my idea is to have them in large tall tbs at four corners, and then rectangular in between for the bottom. Got me 10 new cane poles. heavy enough to tie on. Oh dear, Spring fever, forcing me to slow down between work and gardening, as now is when my favorite shows are on. LOL PLUS, I get the bean patch and the potatoe patch now, since Joe isn't using it this year.
pic is from April 2012 BIG difference this year. Last year this date, I had everything outside, with the blooming roses, iris, dames rocket,columbine, honeysuckles , bignonia, it was crazy.

Thumbnail by joeswife Thumbnail by joeswife Thumbnail by joeswife Thumbnail by joeswife Thumbnail by joeswife
(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Sounds like a lot of work, please let the guys do the heavy lifting so you don't mess up your back again.

Jacksonville, AR(Zone 7b)

Deb, Linda Kay is right, let the boys do it with their stronger backs.
I try to find easier ways to do my gardening chores. Sometimes I can and sometimes I can't. As long
as I can keep going and growing, I will.
Still trying to plant more MG's here and my 1st batch needing larger pots.

Jacksonville, AR(Zone 7b)

OMGosh Debra. Is that a real doggy on your lap? I thought it was a pic on your shirt.
If it is a doggy, is it your sis's? A pretty little dog.

(Debra) Derby, KS(Zone 6a)

that is one of my grand cats, her name is Oona. Thanks! ;D

Jacksonville, AR(Zone 7b)

Oh, lol. I couldn't tell if it was a cat or a small dog. You know my eyes are horrible.:-)

Gautier, MS

Pretty blooms Jackie and Debra.

I have a pretty bloom from Dany's # 7 seed baggie and also the 2nd blue bloom. I took 2 pics of the first one bloom.
Thank you dany, very pretty blooms.

Thumbnail by helenahkh Thumbnail by helenahkh Thumbnail by helenahkh
Richland, WA(Zone 7b)

I LOVE those colors!

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

I agree, those are beautiful!

(Ronnie), PA(Zone 6b)


Jacksonville, AR(Zone 7b)

Very pretty Helena..

Gautier, MS

Thank you ladies.

A gloomy day here, thundering and raining. I took this pics early this morning. The first pink one is a volunteer growing with another plant. Sorry some of the pics didn't come out real clear.

Thumbnail by helenahkh Thumbnail by helenahkh Thumbnail by helenahkh Thumbnail by helenahkh Thumbnail by helenahkh
(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Love that pink volunteer, they are all beautiful!

Jacksonville, AR(Zone 7b)

Lost my entire post. Helena, the pink is lovely but the Blue Silk is awesome. Is that BMN in the
next 2 pics, looking dark and mysterious and beautiful??
The soft blue is so pretty.I love it.

My Danys' # 7 opened its first bloom this am, still in a tiny pot so happy to get a bloom.
the next pic is one I purchased when I finally got to go to my favorite plant nursery yesterday. Had a
great time and was just what I needed. For a while I wasn't worried about anything, just enjoying myself.
Little Cardinal Climber MG, sloterii perhaps.
Heres a small box full I came home with .Most fun I've had in months.
Will send more pics in a few

Thumbnail by patootie Thumbnail by patootie Thumbnail by patootie
Jacksonville, AR(Zone 7b)

Pretty Impatients3, Candy corn vine

Thumbnail by patootie Thumbnail by patootie Thumbnail by patootie Thumbnail by patootie
(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Wow, that is a beautiful blue stripe #7 from Dany. And those other plants are very nice, love that candy corn impatiens!

Jacksonville, AR(Zone 7b)

Yellow Oxalis and Fire Fern Oxalis,
Cigar plant which is one of the Cuphea's

Thumbnail by patootie Thumbnail by patootie Thumbnail by patootie
(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Your hummers will love that cuphea!

Jacksonville, AR(Zone 7b)

Thanks Linda. That's 3 different Impatiens, and a Candy Corn vine, a Manettia
The hummers will love that one for sure and probably the Candy Corn vine too.

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Gautier, MS

Jackie, beautiful # 7 from Dany. I love your other plants too, I'm glad to had a good time out. Use to be my favorite thing to do too. Jackie # 3 bloom is a no ID, purple rayed with blizzard. I hope it makes better blooms and # 4 pic is BMN. I love that Blue Silk too.

It has been raining hard here but I still was able to take 2 pictures. Second bloom got damaged but label says Pink Porcelain blzd.

Thumbnail by helenahkh Thumbnail by helenahkh
Jacksonville, AR(Zone 7b)

Thanks Helena..
Love your beautiful Purp this morning.
Your Pink Porcelain Blizzard is a beauty and one of my favorites that you grew last yr.

My indica opened this morning, a large bloom and very pretty. Had bugs galore so I sprayed it with
neem oil yesterday.

Thumbnail by patootie
Gautier, MS

Thank you Jackie. I was messing with my mg's today. I'm going to have quite a few blooming tomorrow. It will be great start to "Mother's Day" even though I don't really feel like celebrating. Some will be new and some I'm sure are repeats but I think of them as seeing old friends.

Jackie, I love your beautiful indica bloom. I need to find mine if I still have it.

Jacksonville, AR(Zone 7b)

I wish I could say I would have a bunch of mg's opening soon but I won't. :-(
We will all enjoy yours with you Helena.
In the 2 or 3 yrs my indica has bloomed, its never set a single seed.
I believe that's what I read on a consistant basis re indica, its refusal to make sds. Mine didn't
even bother to bloom last yr. If I can
get rid of the pests on it, I will try a cutting for you. :-)

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Happy Mothers Day everyone!

Thumbnail by taters55
Gautier, MS

Happy Mothers Day Ladies! It's a beautiful day here in MS! I have quite a few mg's today, will try to name a few. Jackie thanks, I'd love for a cutting of your indica. I know mine use to root on runners but when I moved it, it didn't make it. I was disappointed.

The best first.
Dany's # 1 purpurea
Dany's #7
Dany's ?
Karens2005 Watercolor
Parks Tie Dye

Thumbnail by helenahkh Thumbnail by helenahkh Thumbnail by helenahkh Thumbnail by helenahkh Thumbnail by helenahkh
Gautier, MS

Here's some more blooms!

Dany's # ? and no ID
? K......
Purple ????
Purple star rayed?
Pink Porcelain

Thumbnail by helenahkh Thumbnail by helenahkh Thumbnail by helenahkh Thumbnail by helenahkh Thumbnail by helenahkh
Gautier, MS

Some more!!

Tie dye
White & blue purpurea
Onalees whitish pink
Plum Surprise
Pink blizzard

Thumbnail by helenahkh Thumbnail by helenahkh Thumbnail by helenahkh Thumbnail by helenahkh Thumbnail by helenahkh
Jacksonville, AR(Zone 7b)

Helena, incredible, lovely blooms this morning. Karen's watercolor is to die for. The split petal purp is a beauty.
Your 3rd pic, first row is the most gorgeous shade of blue.
Your Pink Porcelain is so pretty, it doesn't have to take a back seat to any of the other blooms. :-)

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

I love everyone of them! that watercolor is sure pretty! Never seen that one here!

Gautier, MS

Thanks Jackie, I'm pretty pleased with all the blooms.

Thanks Linda too. I think Dany grew it last year. Karen2005 my seeds came from her.

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Richland, WA(Zone 7b)

Seeing all these dozens of beautiful blooms, I have questions--Where do all the plants grow? Do they each have their own space, or are they in a common area? It must be a lot of work to keep them all id'd & labeled. I would love to see photos that show whole plants, trellises, etc. I am just beginning, and probably making a lot of mistakes!

szarvas, Hungary

How to produce ... big flowers ! No needed to translate !

Thumbnail by dany12
(Debra) Derby, KS(Zone 6a)

beautiful display of blooms from all of you. Happy Mothers Day , hope it was nice for you all. I love the stripe blue also. The large red pink with with white tips sure looks like the one I had either last year or the year before, never found out it's name.
Also love the BMN and all the oxalis, I have an oxalis collection but do not have the yellow..
I will look for one if it is a proven winner, then I need to find one.
Going to be hot this week, maybe some things will decide to wake up outside. tore down all the vines and plants out of charlies room, piked what is to stay down in the basement this summer, everything else is outside now,
Keep those blooms coming, good for the soul.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Hey Dany, are you trying to tell us to pinch it back?

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