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Logan Lake, BC(Zone 3a)

Yesterday morning on our way to town we saw this eagle feeding on a deer carcass by the side of the road, it was a huge bird as you can see from the deer which was a large one. We have both the Bald and Golden in our area, but because it is immature I am not sure which it is.

Thumbnail by mcash70 Thumbnail by mcash70 Thumbnail by mcash70 Thumbnail by mcash70 Thumbnail by mcash70
(Zone 5a)

I believe this is a Bald Eagle. Here is a site with comparison illustrations.

Northumberland, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

Yep, Bald - note the white underwing coverts but dark brown flight feathers (on Golden, dark coverts but white bases to the flight feathers).


Logan Lake, BC(Zone 3a)

Chillibean, thanks for the ID and the Hancock link, it's a very good one.

Resin, thank you also for the confirmation on the ID, I had thought it was probably a Bald. I will add the photos to the Birdfiles database.

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