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CLOSED: Hydroponic Grow Room & Light

Rolla, MO

Grow your own cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers during the winter!

4' X 4' X 8' Sun Hut Enclosed Greenhouse. http://sunlightsupply.com/p-12143-sun-hut-enclosed-greenhouses.aspx (mine doesn't have the roll-up door in back)

Harvest Pro 400 Watt Magnetic Ballast. http://sunlightsupply.com/p-13910-harvest-pro-ballasts.aspx

Super Sun 2 - 6" Air-Cooled Reflector. http://sunlightsupply.com/p-12597-super-sun-2-6-air-cooled-reflector.aspx (I will include the $30 bulb for free as it will need to be replaced at some point.)

Easy2Grow Autopot System - one reservoir, two trays, 4 pots. http://sunlightsupply.com/p-11853-easy-2-grow-autopots.aspx

$550 plus shipping

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