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Propagating monarda?

Fort Worth, TX

How do I propagate Monarda - and when? I took some cuttings by accident last year, and they stayed green in a pot in the greenhouse all winter but never really rooted either. I love mine and would like to have more. it's purple. Got it at a local garden center, no idea of variety.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

I just divide in spring every few years - can't stop them. I love the deep red,
You can take sottwood cuttings in spring - maybe dip in rooting hormone. I would take the ones you have and plant in a moist ( not wet) area of the garden. After you get a stand establish you vp can continually grab from what you got and transplant ( not deep)

Thin every few years if get too crowded can mildew also like Shasta the middle of the stand gets yucky if not kept with good airflow and rejuvenated.

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