The hole in the ground that takes all your money!

Lewes, DE

I had a Skippy-type filter installed at my pond last spring using my small original rigid pond that had before I expanded and went with EDPM liner.

Unfortunately, the pond form sprang a couple leaks so now I have to have the landscapers back to replace it with a Rubbermaid stock tank which is what I should have used in the first place.

At least most of the guts of the filter can be adapted and reused. I had bought new filter media and was flushing out the filter and putting in new media when the leaks were found. Maybe I should have left it alone because gunk was probably plugging the leaks!

The darned thing emptied all of its water out onto the lawn twice and what with all this rainy weather, the backyard is a soggy sloppy mess.

I have my smaller pump running with the fountainhead shooting aerated water into the pond so for now the fish are happy and healthy.

The landscaper promised to get right on it as soon as he figures out what the heck a stock tank is.


Can you pick one up at Lowes? I would think it would save you some money.

We are quite soggy too. Wondering when we will see 'Summer weather'

Lewes, DE

I'm not sure if Lowe's carries a 150-gal stock tank but we do have Southern States here. I'm sure I can get my hands on one at a reasonable price. If I pick it up myself, I'll have to haul it in the company van. My Mercedes is too small.
I just need to convince the landscaper that we need to use it.

Las Vegas, NV(Zone 9a)

If I still had my two seater Mercedes instead of my large SUV, I would save a lot of money because nothing fix in it.


Do you have a Tractor Supply store by you? They have a lot of neat things I would never to think to look for.

Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

Tractor Supply has some good prices on good sized stock tanks. My husb. is ecstatic as we are getting a new one built about 5 miles from us. i like their gardening shoes. My son bought his stock tank pond from there and uses his skippy filter on it and it stays crystal clear.
Good luck Pond Love with your new pond.

Ocoee (W. Orlando), FL(Zone 9b)

Also look on Craigs List....people list them all the time!

Lewes, DE

We have a Southern States franchise here and they have the stock tanks in stock. The landscaper crew stopped by this morning to look at the job. They wanted to just throw in a liner but I refused and insisted on the stock tank. I could sense some internal eye rolling over this crazy old maid, who by the way is the one footing the bill. They can't get here until about midweek next week so I just have to keep aerating the pond with my smaller pump/fountain. I'll get out there tomorrow and stir up the bottom so it keeps oxygenated.
This time I want to go with the right equipment and the right technique, do it, do it right and be done with it.

Lewes, DE

Thanks to everyone for the ideas on where to buy a stock tank. I really appreciate this forum for the information and support.

Lewes, DE

Finally got the new Skippy installed on Saturday. In less than 24 hours, my pond was crystal clear - better for the heron to see my fishes!

The landscapers still have to come back and finish up the stone work and mulch. I'm so glad the job is done and now I can concentrate on puttering around and enjoying the fish.

Hopefully this will be the last major expense for the pond for a quite a while. I have a good pump and a good submersible UV and now the Skippy. Life is good!

Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

I love it when a plan comes tog. Enjoy!!!

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