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CLOSED: What is this very long legged spider?

Ludington, MI(Zone 6a)

It measured around 4 inches from the tip of the front legs to the end of the rear legs. It was on a wooden bench in a shady woodland area. After looking closer at the photo I realized the spider (?) only had 7 legs! Maybe it lost one leg to a predator.

Thumbnail by floraphiliac
Minot, ND

Not a true spider, but a relative in the order Opiliones. They commonly are known as harvestmen or daddy long-legs; these all are harmless. They often lose legs through a process called autotomy - http://www.americanarachnology.org/joa_free/joa_v26_n3/joa_v26_p296.pdf

Ludington, MI(Zone 6a)

Thank you Flapdoodle! It matches descriptions of Harvestman - Leiobunum vittatum?

Minot, ND

That may well be a possibility, but there are very few species of harvestmen that I would be willing to tag specifically based just on an image.

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