CLOSED: Help me identify this spider!!

Antioch, CA

Found crawling on wall of house. Located in Northern California, Contra Costa County.

Thumbnail by AWagnon72
Minot, ND

Could be one of the wall/disc spiders in the family Oecobiidae - see for examples.

Antioch, CA

Don't think so... notice the black cap and FURRY white front legs. What kind of spider has furry white front legs?

Minot, ND

How small was this spider? If only a few mm, there's not much else it could be. The spider is a male; the fuzzy 'legs'' actually are its pedipalps. And some Oecobius sp. have the thoracic disc almost entirely dark - see (this is a female).

Antioch, CA

I would say that this spider was about .5 inches. But my mother has stated that she has gotten a dead spider from her pool that looks like my picture but with a 1.5 - 2 inch body... and my nephew ran from two that size that were live. The large live ones were on my mother's deck in the backyard, and she lives around the corner from me. Does your guess grow that large and/or be located in California?

Minot, ND

Oecobiids indeed occur in California. but they seldom are more than a few mm in body length. A larger spider with a similar color pattern might be a wolf spider in the genus Pardosa -
Then just to add to the mix, some mesh web weavers (family Dictynidae) also can be superficially similar (see for an example), but these spiders construct capture webs, and do not wander about on surfaces.

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