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SOLVED: plant id

tijuana, Mexico

Place: Semiarid region of Baja, Mexico.

Thumbnail by tlatoanitzin
Raleigh, NC(Zone 7b)

Foliage looks like Nicotiana glauca (pic of flowers would help to confirm ID).

Keaau, HI

Yes, Nicotiana glauca.

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tijuana, Mexico

Awesome, you are right, the flowers of adult plants are like that. Thanks!

Keaau, HI

An awkwardly important plant in Hawai'i.

Tree tobacco has become the substitute host for the endangered Blackburn's Hawk Moth, as the native tree that supported the moth is nearly extinct.

Thumbnail by Metrosideros
tijuana, Mexico

So sad to hear that, what is the name of the native tree? I read the tobacco tree plant is toxic and it can be used as insecticide, how can Blacksburn's Hawk Moth survive to that?

Keaau, HI

The original host is Nothocestrum, which is a tree in the Tobacco Family.

The moth may gain some protection from Tobacco Family (Solanaceae) plants similar to the Monarch Butterfly and Milkweed.

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