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CLOSED: Custom Hand Made Pure Copper Trays

Irwin, PA(Zone 6a)

Hello All,

I hand make Copper Plant Trays, like my Grandfather did it.

My Custom Trays are made from solid Copper Sheet, and are .0215" thick. The type of copper is called '16 ounce'. That means, 1 square foot (12X12) weighs 1 pound or 16 ounces. This is high quality Copper, and is mostly used for Copper gutters and Copper flashing on houses. This is not cheap Copper coated steel sheet, nor Copper foil.

I can make Copper Trays up to 22" in length with a 1" side. All Copper trays have a 1/8" folded over edge, to the inside. This adds strength, and keeps the sides straight. No sharp edges on my Copper Trays.
All 4 corners are soldered up water tight. See photos of corners and folded edge.

Mention you saw my ad on Dave's Garden and receive 10% off the cost of your Copper Tray order. Shipping and handling is not included in the 10% offer. I ship via USPS.

Thank You for looking... http://www.etsy.com/shop/CopperTraysPlus

Irwin, PA(Zone 6a)

Here are my photos...

Thumbnail by harrymole Thumbnail by harrymole Thumbnail by harrymole Thumbnail by harrymole Thumbnail by harrymole

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