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What are these brown things on my apple tree leaves???

Deer Park, TX

I just found these this evening on a leaf of my apple tree. Several were clumped together on one leaf. I found a few more with just one or two. I kind of think some were moving, but they are so small I couldn't tell. Please help.

Thumbnail by yellow2mato Thumbnail by yellow2mato Thumbnail by yellow2mato Thumbnail by yellow2mato
Minot, ND

These could be newly hatched larvae of a moth in the family Notodontidae (prominents). The caterpillars of several species commonly feed in groups like this.

Deer Park, TX

Thank you, Flapdoodle. I had no clue. I haven't seen any more. I googled your answer and, I guess, it was pictures of the adults that showed up. They were pretty odd looking.

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