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SOLVED: Polygonaceae: Polygonum bistorta or hydropiper?

faicchio, Italy

Polygonum bistorta or hydropiper?
Without the inflorescence I find the plant difficult to determine the correct ID.

Thumbnail by towler Thumbnail by towler Thumbnail by towler Thumbnail by towler Thumbnail by towler
Churchill, Victoria, Australia(Zone 10a)

The genus of both those species is now persicaria. As you say it is hard to tell without an inflorescence, a close up of the ochrea, the stem-clasping sheath at the base of each leaf would probably help. They are a distinctive feature of all Persicarias. To me your pictures look much more like Persicaria hydropiper than P. bistorta.


faicchio, Italy

Thank you Ken, Sometimes, as you probably know, one comes across a plant in the wrong season, making an ID exceedingly difficult at times. Thanks again

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