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SOLVED: Frog's Belly plant?

Fortín de las Flores, Mexico(Zone 10b)

Can anyone tell me what this weird plant is called in English, and it's scientific name? Locally here in eastern Mexico it's called "panza de rana" presumably for the warty green succulent-like flower. The arrow-shaped leaves are about 4" long, and the heavy, thick "flower" is about 1½" by ¾" . Thanks, Carmen

Fortín de las Flores, Mexico(Zone 10b)

Images failed to upload--here they are, I hope!

Thumbnail by azuledos Thumbnail by azuledos
San Francisco, CA

It's a Dorstenia

Fortín de las Flores, Mexico(Zone 10b)

Thank you, Vestia. With your help I've recorded it as Dorstenia contrajerva (Torus Herb) Tusilla/Yerba Santa

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