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Lovely Tamrind Sprout

dubai, United Arab Emirates


I just tried to germinate a tamrind seed to see if it works and it did. Its got a beautiful seedling. Has anyone ever started tamrind from seed? How fast do the roots grow and how big a pot do I need for it. Its in a styrafoam glass right now.

Thumbnail by vanita79
Srinagar Kashmir, India

Tamarind seeds are often used in local cooking and i have often seen seeds germinating and forming small plants but I have never seen any of the plants surviving the cold Kashmir winter.I think for the first two years a small six inch diameter pot would be okay.

dubai, United Arab Emirates

Thanks Taffazul,

Since u r from kashmir can I also ask u if u have ever grown kashmiri chillies?

Srinagar Kashmir, India

Sure ,
First seeds are planted in April. Then the seedlings are transplanted at about six inch distance and regularly watered with liberal application of fertilizer.. Unfortunately over the past two decades they have become liable to some fungus disease so that their production has drastically decreased as has that of Onion and garlic.Indeed Kashmir Chillies famous for their color are now scarce in Kashmir too!

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Cant grow any of these plants here in UK but so interesting to here from others in different continents and also learn that you have some of the same problems as everyone else but with different plants, Thanks for your educating questions and answers.
Kindest Regards. WeeNel.

dubai, United Arab Emirates

Hi Weenel,

I know what that feels like. Its addictive this grow stuff. It started with fenugreek seeds for me and within a few months from that first trial, I've gatheed a seedling of every seed I could find. I have been somewhat successful with tomatoes but I'm still not confident with the pruning part and I sometimes mess up with the watering and I'm yet to eat the first harvest of the plant I started from seed. But that does'nt stop me from trying to germinate every seed I can get my hands on.

My Tamrind has so far been the most beautiful seedling I have had. It goes to sleep in the night and closes its petals too when the sun is too strong. Its sensitive to the wind also. I know it likes summers so I guess they dont like the late night chill and hence dont grow very fast now. The second one sits in shade all day long so it either sleeps late or sleeps with its petals slightly open. Thats about all I know about them. I guess I will wait abit longer before putting it in the larger pot. What do u think Taffazul?

Thumbnail by vanita79 Thumbnail by vanita79
dubai, United Arab Emirates

When I say petals, I actually mean the leaves.

Just in case u interested, I have more pics of it's fetus days. I can tell u they are pretty difficult to germinate but the trick (as in most seeds) is to soak them for a week or two as soon as it comes off the fruit. And then I did the moist tissue method for rooting before putting it in soil.

Thumbnail by vanita79 Thumbnail by vanita79
Staten Island, NY(Zone 6a)

Tamarind grows in the Caribbean and I know they grow in very tall wide spreading trees.

Srinagar Kashmir, India

Yes Vanita I think you can wait at least a year. Of course in Jammu which is the warmer province of our State we have big tamarind trees. I had seen one with branches above the roof of the home where my brother used to stay and one could easily pluck the fruit from the roof top!

dubai, United Arab Emirates

Hi Taffazul,

Are you sure I can leave the tamrind in that small styrafoam glass which is probably only 2-2.5 inches tall for a year? Does the plant like being root bound?

Srinagar Kashmir, India

Vanita what I meant was that you can keep it in a standard six inch pot for about a year but as it is a big tree when grown up it will have to be finally transplanted to a suitable spot unless you know the art of Bonsai but frankly speaking I have no experience of that.

dubai, United Arab Emirates

Thanku for the clarification taffazull. I shall check and.try out what seems best. I actually learnt this stuff by trial and error so, I will see as time goes by what suits it best. will check the progress on the root system in a few days and work it out. Thnx.

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