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Anyone help with identification of this spider?

Melbourne , Australia

Hi I am from Melbourne Australia and found this spider on my bed !
It was super fast but I got a clear picture
Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have 2 babies in the house

Thumbnail by Eeekkkspider Thumbnail by Eeekkkspider
Melbourne , Australia

I will just add it was only quite small maybe a pinky nail length

Churchill, Victoria, Australia(Zone 10a)

Eeekkkspider, your spider is a juvenile of the White-backed Spider - Lampona cylindrata:
My second picture is of an adult and the third is a juvenile. The first shows one in transition between juvenile and adult, so perhaps an immature.


Thumbnail by kennedyh Thumbnail by kennedyh Thumbnail by kennedyh
Melbourne , Australia

Thank you so much Ken. Thankfully I killed it. Never the ought it was a white tail though but now I know they can look like this I am so grateful for your help.

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