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What is this moth?

Sydney, Australia

I found this moth in my bedroom and am quite intrigued by it.

The first time I encountered it, I held it in between my index finger and the thumb to get off the bed adn it made like a light popping/ticking sound sound and I felt it a little in my fingers too. I knew I hadn't hurt him much as my hold was light and he flew away after.. But I found him dead a couple weeks later on the floor of my room and am glad I did because I wanted to take photos of him the other day. Now that he's dead and lying silently all willing to pose for my photo shoot (sorry if it seems a little disrespectful. but he's such a cutie)..

Can you please help me name him? He seems like an ordinary green moth but I love the pink border he has. When I found him alive, he had this same wing closed pattern and he was sitting upright like a tiny prism on the sheets. ...and sorry about the strong shadow in the photos. its late in teh evening when I found him.

Thumbnail by sewersadie Thumbnail by sewersadie
Minot, ND

Not a moth, but a fulgorid bug in the family Flatidae -

Churchill, Victoria, Australia(Zone 10a)

This is the Citrus Planthopper - Colgar peracutum:

We have no images of this bug in BugFiles. I have created an entry for it here:
and we would be pleased if you would add your images of Colgar peracutum to that page,


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