Ponds 2014 - Spring is here!

Ocoee (W. Orlando), FL(Zone 9b)

Spring has sprung, ponding has begun.... :)

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Ocoee (W. Orlando), FL(Zone 9b)

Came from here..... http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/t/1344734/#new

Love your fish MM.

Thank you for the new thread.

Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

Spring in sure here and romance must be in the air. Walked out just in time the other day to see my 2 big koi gold ones jumping straight up into the air and others sliding over the top of them. Of course first I thought sickness then watched and then fed them and they quieted right down. Just for once would like to see some babies but I'm happy if the big ladies just stay well.


Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

Jeff called and is excited. Seems he has a fish I think Wakin was the kind. He wants to make a trip up to Blackwater Creek Fish Farms in Eustis and see if they have more. That's the guy at Koi show that told me they had tons of solid blue in all sizes so I will go along. I really doubt it but I can look. Told him I can't go until after RU. Got way to much to do. I really don't think they sell retail. Their website is all large lots but guy at show said if you made an apmt. they would give us a tour of whole place. I'll just go for the ride.
Won't be till the end of April probably. If in fact we do get to go.


Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

I should have added fish that were acting looney were smaller ones in old pond. They are just largest ones in that pond.
As for the really large ones in the larger pond they are so peaceful it's pitiful. They eat so slow its funny.

Looks like another beautiful day today.

Virginia Beach, VA

How many do you have and how big is your pond.

I love all the butterflies. I lost all my butterflies

My fish are swimming around but i had not fed them yet.

there;s too much crud but DH is cleaning filter very often, had not had time to vacuum.

Thank spring for us!!


Sedona, AZ

I agree with bellieg, BonnieGardens, I too would like to know more about the specs of your pond! (Also regarding the Koi!)

What are your water temps Belle? Mine are kind of swimming - more like a slow motion type of swimming.

Bonnie - have you checked the ph in your pond? Mine tend to jump if the ph is a bit high. When do your fish typically spawn?

The ice is finally off the top of my pond - but I still have some ice in my skimmer. We are into more cold weather = the weather forecast on the news said we were going to have January temps. Guess it is going to be a bit before I can get my pond opened up.

Ocoee (W. Orlando), FL(Zone 9b)

I don't know how many fish I have (but way too many!) I have everything from 4 inches to 2 1/2 feet. My newest pond (once completed) will be 20x30, with a 12 x 17 foot waterfall/steam enterance. I'll keep my favorites, and then let some of the others go to friends and sell some. I'm trying to keep mostly butterfly, they are so mellow, I just love to watch them swim by. :)

Sedona, AZ

I am seeing a lot of ponders in FL posting & wished I lived close enough to see some of your ponds as well as attend some of the Koi shows in your area! That said, any ponders in the Sedona, AZ area (other than myself, of course - LOL!)?

Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

Did water test and PH is fine. Think they have spawned before but never get any babies as I don't catch them in time to separate. Carolyn can't say spawning is typical for them.

Old pond ended up being round. About 1,300 gals. Has waterfall & skimmer for air. Rocked up all around sides which I'd never do again. Too dangerous for fish and pain to clean.

Newer pond is 10 X20 and straight sides. All liner and no rocks anywhere. Also took bottom river rock out of bottom of old pond. Larger pond also has waterfalls and skimmer. If I can dig up some pics I'll put them here. Older pond gets new fish and smaller ones. Son adds to it frequently as he has small stock tank pond. Larger pond has all big fish 2' and over. Those we bought last May I think from a guy that had to get rid of them. Had some sickness problems and lost 2 just a few weeks ago but hopefully all are settled now. I have to keep up with adding summer blend and enzymes better in that pond.

Got to get to work outside now. Pool painting is nearing fruition. Yipee.

Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

#1 larger pond
#2old pond
#3 cumquart in larger pond is over 2 feet which all of them in there are.
#4 larger pond
#5 fish in old pond both koi and goldfish and oranda

I had to give away a lot of fish to make room for big ones but made lots of folks happy and my son was so happy to buy large ones.

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Beautiful, Bonnie. I can almost hear the waterfalls if I try hard enough!

Ocoee (W. Orlando), FL(Zone 9b)

Bonnie, I STILL love your smaller pond with the rock waterfall! It's just so natural looking, and so calming.

Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

I sometimes fall asleep in one of the chairs I keep near it. Thanks all.

Virginia Beach, VA

How can you maintain ll your ponds!! They are gorgeous!!!

I wish I live near you so I can visit.


Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

I work at it all the time. Don't have a social life and don't care to. My fish are my buddies so they deserve a good clean home. At least I try to keep it that way.

Belle, if you could see what I am doing to my pool right now you would know I'm a gluten for punishment. It's very old and painted finish which is what I'm redoing. I've been prepping for about 3 weeks and almost ready to start painting. I'm also staining deck.

In one of the water garden threads I put a pic of it empty. It takes 40,000 gals. of water. Hope our well holds up to refill. I am determined to have it done before hot weather sets in.
Also next week I need to get ready for plant roundup. I'm never bored.

Wish you were closer so you could visit. You would enjoy seeing my gardens and fish.


when my next door neighbor was filling his swimming pool, he called the fire department. They filled it for him at a fraction of the cost. Try giving them a call - the worst they can tell you is 'no'. Otherwise you may just empty your well.

Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

I tried that once and offered a $500. donation and they said they weren't allowed to do that.
It will take about 2 days to fill. I shut it off now and then to avoid burning up our well
pump. It's been done before and I have never run it dry or burned it up so I'm hoping for the same results. Where our casing ends is only 65 feet so we must be in a good stream of underground water. Keep your fingers crossed.

Good luck!

Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

Thank you I'll need it.
BTW when I offered that $500. was when my business was going good. Couldn't do that now if I had to. They used to come house to house and offer a picture taking op. at the firehouse for a $25. donation cause they needed equipment. Now we are so built up out here I guess our fire tax takes care of it.

Tried to apply some deck stain on pool lip and it just ran like water. Called Lowe's and they said it has to be etched. They have something that doesn't smell like muriatic acid which is what I usually use with a respirator on. You can still smell it plus it burns when you get any on your skin. I'm done for today so will go Lowe's tomorrow. Learn something new all the time.

Sounds like it is really labor intensive.

Ocoee (W. Orlando), FL(Zone 9b)

Drats.....just replenished the fancy guppies in my pond and had a cold snap overnight. Bleh....only found a remaining 2 out of 16.
I'm trying to not jinx Florida into a "hurricane year" by saying I'm SO OVER this weird bitter winter....but I'm SO OVER it. I apologize in advance for complaining about the summer jinxed weather to come, that will be 100 degrees because I just complained about the cold. Bear with me... :)


I'll take the 100 degrees over the frigid temps.

Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

Weather has been unusually. TV said todays low temps. set a record for this time of year. Soon we will be very hot.

Grand sons came over today to help me and I'm wiped out. They did do a lot and I appreciated it.

Mary sorry about your guppies. I didn't think you could keep them outside at all but I don't know cause never had any of them.

Ocoee (W. Orlando), FL(Zone 9b)

I use the pretty colored ones in the pond because they stay around the water lily leaves and pick away at the algae. I also use marble Mollies. The guppies are just plain pretty in the shallow areas.

Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

Finally got first coat of stain on pool lip and after etching it yesterday it stayed on and didn't run. Now need sun to dry it all up so can continue with pool surface.

Potted up some Cuban oregano and jatropha matifida for RU.

Tomorrow I get a hair cut and it will be wonderful to sit down for a while. I'm off to bed even tho its early. I'm tired.

Take care all and Mary enjoy your cute guppies and mollies.

Ocoee (W. Orlando), FL(Zone 9b)

I'm trying to get some things potted up for the RU. Hopefully I can come for the first hour, but may drop plants off a day or 2 in advance just in case....
I don't have a lot this year, since my yard is under construction debri and what was left died off during our cold snaps. I can't even imagine what will pop up all over my yard once dormancy breaks. I dumped pots of dirt all over that I thought were empty, but maybe(?) had bulbs in them.
Finally treated myself to a key lime tree, even though it's only a foot and a half tall, it has blossoms on it.
I have one water lily that's getting very very large. I wonder what it is? I lose all my tags and have to wait until they bloom. I have some small starts for Bonnie of Tina and additional umbrella palm for whomever.

Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

Grandsons came again today. We really got some staining accomplished today. They are such a huge help.
MM, I know you are really going through a hard time with your yard but just think. In the end you will have created your own garden of Eden. I'm thinking about having a sign made that reads "Garden of Weeden".

We have 3 or 4 ponders coming so bring that umbrella palm as I'm sure they would appreciate it. Jeff has all of mine at his house in 5 gal. buckets and I need to get some back and fix up nice in both ponds.
Had to order a new UV today. The quartz sleeve cracked and water got into lamp also. We had a time figuring it out until Jeff came over cause GFI kept popping off and everything went out. Webb's told me I had so many pond points I got a discount so that helped. Aquatic Eco where I bought it from doesn't carry them anymore so I said ok I'll find another supplier. They are a bit higher on UV's. It's in a precarious place and I want Charlie to either move it or build a protective cover for it. Felt bad the other day I ran into waterfall house with bucket on Kubota and smashed back door in half so he had to build another one today. He didn't say one word and I was expecting a lecture. Good thing he is handy.

Mary call me if you are coming over ahead of time as I have a couple of plants I have never heard you mention and I'll get them potted up for you. Neighbor gave me a large bag of kitty litter and was told I could use that for 1 layer in pots for water lilies. Will try to buy some water lilly pots and get them set up right this time so maybe I'll finally raise some. Won't put them in ponds for fish to eat.

I know its supposed to rain tomorrow but it was supposed to rain today too and it didn't so I am going to plan on starting painting the pool tomorrow Lord willing. Pool will be aqua as usual and deck is a kind of cinnamon brown. I am so excited I am finally to this point in the project. Then I need some pretty plant pots and plants to gussy it up near house end of deck. Can't put any further out cause kids would break their neck falling over them.

Will post pics as soon as I am done with all the painting and staining.

Ocoee (W. Orlando), FL(Zone 9b)

Bonnie, if you have somewhere safe to put the water lilies, without fishy lips munching, I promise you they will bloom like crazy! I don't even pot them up, just float them and let them eventually take root on their own. I have some in large bowls, some in smaller preformed ponds, etc. They bloom even during winter.
I'm not going to stress over my pond barely creeping along. My hubby and I are both so very busy and rarely home, we get an hour here or there, and honestly if it's only an hour, we'd rather spend the time with each other or our children and grandbabies, instead of working in the yard. My fish are frustrated, but I'm not. :) Of course I'd love it done, but I have no problem with family as my priority.
Bonnie, I'm so happy you have such wonderful grandsons to come help you! What a blessing!
It sounds like you're finally on the road to completion! I know your son helps you a lot, it's great that you have someone so close to share an interest with. :)

Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

It's 5:15AM and has been raining all night. Scratch painting today. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny all day so will wait. Will have to pump out little bit of water from bottom of pool.

Good day to house clean. YUK!

Happy weekend all.

Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

M Mary, you have your priorities straight and your fish don't seem to be suffering from their temp. homes. Your not loosing a lot of them so they are fine.

Sounds like lilies aren't as fussy as I've been lead to believe. That's good. I've got a couple of the blue heavy plastic drums that were used years ago to make OJ concentrate and they are 1/2 barrels so maybe they would be happy in them. Do you fertilize the water? Got some miracle grow and fish emulsion liquid. I take it they must be tropical? Guess I'm paranoid about lilies cause the 2 I bought plus what Mitsy gave me I lost.

Don't know how come but your last post just popped up after I wrote the one on 3/29.

I'm sitting next to an open window and love listening to the rain. Plants will be happy.

Ocoee (W. Orlando), FL(Zone 9b)

I havent fertilized my lilies in years. There are always an abundance of tadpoles and tadpole poop, so I just let nature take it's course! :) Add a few mosquito fish and you have a self contained water lily garden! Yes, the ones I'm bringing you are small tropicals.

Virginia Beach, VA

It is raining here and the forecast is rain again tomorrow,

My kois are really swimming around but I had not fed them yet.

The water is very clear despite tons of crud-gunk at the bottom.
Have fun at the RU


(Mary) Anchorage, AK(Zone 4b)

Still have ice on the pond but it is slowly melting. And the west side of the pond where the morning sun hits the rocks heats up the soil and the little hillock is the first soil that comes out from snow. Tulip pips are showing along with columbine. I put some Algaway 5.4 in the pond at the deeper end as algae is reveling in the sun there. I don't want it to get a foothold so it becomes all but impossible to control later in spring and summer. I received my order of Aqua MedZyme since so many here use it to treat their spring ponds. Starts working at 40F. Also got AquaMeds Organic control that removes suspended organic debris, reduces excessive nutrient content. I have no shade on my pond so it goes nuts with algae of all sorts and floating tiny stuff that really ruins the clear look of the water. It is all superficial since if I use the hose sprayer to spray off the surface it is crystal clear to the bottom. Still have two fish (goldfish and koi) in the skimmer.

Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

2nd, coat on pool yesterday, deck done 1 coat today, almost out of stain so deck will just get 2 coats where we use the most.

Am I glad it's almost over with. Then I can work outside in the garden which I love.


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(Mary) Anchorage, AK(Zone 4b)

It looks brand new and wonderful. Iwould spend all my time there.

Virginia Beach, VA

you are working too much!!!

Do you ever rest?


Looks good Bonnie.

Yesterday, I started up the main waterfalls in the pond.

Today, I dropped my phone into my pond. It is still there - I expect to find it when I vacuum this spring.

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