Sedona, AZ

What product do members suggest for a pond vacuum? (Pond specs are: 7,000 gals, 3ft deep, Koi & gold fish habitat) The water itself is crystal clear, kept that way largely via using a biological filter and plants (no chemicals whatsoever). Nevertheless, light "muck" does build-up on the bottom, which is the primary purpose for the vacuum.

Suggestions greatly appreciated!

Bonita -

Muck will happen because of your fish. I use a leaf vac sucker type of thing, but I also have built in bogs to help take care of the crud.

Sedona, AZ

This will showcase how new I am to all of this. Oh well! Carolyn22, what is a "built in bog" and how does it help to take care of the crud?


The 'crud' I am referring to is fish waste. I am at work, but can show you pictures of what I mean. These bogs help me with the filtration in the pond. I don't have a bottom drain in my pond, so I need something to help with the filtration.

Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

Supposed to be best pond vac. on the market. I bought it. Oasis Pond O Vac 4. A little over $300. It does suck up muck from the bottom and leave it perfectly clean but leaves is what I wanted it for. On that score it leaves a lot to be desired.
Oberon has 1 also but I don't think she has the same kind of leaves we have here in Fl. She is in Alaska. Built my ponds right under oak tree as I didn't want fried koi and in Fl. summers are pretty hot. Now oak bloom is falling and a real mess. I net it all out twice a day between other chores. If you could find someone that had one I sure would recommend you try it out before purchase.

Lewes, DE

I also have the Oase pond vac as well as trees near my pond that drop leaves and stuff. The pond vac is the best on the market and does a fantastic job on the muck. It will also suck up leaves if there are not too many but sometimes the leaves clog up the works. Then the vac has to be shut off and you and have to pull the leaves out of the hoses. It's a small inconvenience in my opinion.

Sedona, AZ

Does anyone know of an outlet that presently has an Oasis Pond O Vac 4 for sale? (Any I have seen have to be back ordered.) I am fortunate to not have built the pond under any trees, so don't have the "leaf issue" to deal with. (Are there "attachments" one needs to purchase separately?)

Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

Got mine from Drs.Foster& Attachments come with it.

I know that MM does well with Ebay. You may want to check to see whom she deals with on ebay. I have done well on Amazon, however, I have not bought equipment there.

Other than that, the sales tend to be as the ponding season winds down.

Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

That's right Carolyn I got mine at end of season. They are considered best on the market.

Webb's had a 4 day sale on Microblift products so I ordered some to keep on hand.

I have bought lots of equipment on Amazon and never had any problems with receiving in a timely manner. Just got 2 of my favorite watering wands (Orbitz) from Amazon and they came from Utah in 3 days. Ordered Fri. & got them Mon. I've tried lots of different kinds but these are the best so far. 9 spray patterns and rotating head. Very handy. Sound like a commercial don't I.
I do know Oase is a private company and has authorized dealers. They are on line and I called them and they told me who carried it. Just don't know how to say their name. It's German I think.

Best pricing I saw for the Pondzyme was on Amazon. With a Prime member ship too - that helps.

Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

Got plenty of Pondzyme on hand I ordered Microblift PL. Also, have meds on hand too. I'm getting a little smarter. LOL

Trappe, MD

We're interested in the Oasis Pond O Vac 4 to get the muck out. Our 1000 gallon pond (without bottom drain) has river jack rocks in the bottom. Will the Pond O Vac 4 suck up the muck?

Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

I have cleaned rocks off with small round brush which comes with it. If your rocks are real small it may suck them up to. My rocks are large ones. I used to have 2 and 3 inch rocks on the bottom but when it came time to clean whole pond out they were a pain so I got rid of them all. That was before I bought Pond-O-Vac.

Ponds are much easier to keep clean without a rock bottom. The rocks trap the mulm and other wastes and then anaerobic baceteria collects and will cause health problems with your fish.

It is not impossible to keep the bottom of the pond clean with rocks, but can be difficult.

Trappe, MD

Thank you, BonnieGardens and Carolyn22. We inherited the pond from previous owners, and we're still learning. We were told by contractors who replaced the leaky liner that it was necessary to have the rocks in the bottom to keep the liner in place. If I remove the rocks, would the vacuum pull the liner up?

The weight of the water will keep the liner in place. I have had occasions where I have had to empty my pond and the liner hasn't moved - liners can be quite heavy.

I have seen many of the pond tv shows and I do enjoy them. One thing they all do is to have the rocks on the bottom. It is a matter of personal preference to have the rocks on the bottom of your pond, but it makes it quite difficult to keep the pond clean.

Ocoee (W. Orlando), FL(Zone 9b)

I'm cheap! I admit it! I'm trying to retrofit a pool pole vac onto a pump, so I can sweep the areas that get gunky muck and just let it flow out to the grass. I don't get very many leaves.

Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

MM, your not cheap your very smart and I'll bet the pump will suck out muck which is wonderful for your plants.

When I vacuum and let water run back into pond I have a catch bag and dump what's in it on the plants. It's amazing how much muck the bag holds. Makes plants grow like crazy.

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