Moose Jaw , Canada

Not really about flowers but rather shrubs, Potentilla in particular. We planted some about 7 yrs ago & they are healthy & growing but to the wife's total disappointment they do not flower & in their 7 yrs have not had more than 3 or 4 flowers per yr & yet if we go to a greenhouse theirs are covered with flowers. We can't seem to find out what the problem is. Help!

Calgary, AB(Zone 3b)

Are they planted in the sun? Have they been allowed to form a natural shape, that is, the not sheared? What cultivars do you have?

Moose Jaw , Canada

These shrubs are in full sun. Were not trimmed not trimmed for first 3 yrs but do get trimmed now. They have 2 potentilas of a different variety right beside them which are full of flowers. Cultivars???

Thumbnail by RandyZ Thumbnail by RandyZ
Moose Jaw , Canada

Any more ideas out there regarding these too stubborn to flower potentilas? I'm at the point of digging them out & planting something with more colour than green. See the pics.

Calgary, AB(Zone 3b)

So the larger non-blooming ones are the ones that get trimmed? At what time of year are you trimming them? The flower buds are at the ends of the branches, and I suspect they are being cut off in the trimming. No other reason why they wouldn't be blooming, as potentillas are flower machines with only the most minimal care.

My advice would be to quit pruning them and let them take on a natural shape again - they'll look much better and I strongly suspect they'll bloom then. If letting the larger ones grow to natural proportions means that the smaller ones get crowded, the smaller ones can be dug up and moved.

Moose Jaw , Canada

Thanks for the info. I will give them another year. Actually they have never flowered and have not been pruned every year but I am willing to try anything.

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