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CLOSED: Please Bug infestation ID!

Sweet Home, OR

I've never had this kind of infestation in my garden. I've been using neem oil and soap and a fogger to spray these plants but, it was a total fail. After that I tried another organic insecticide that failed too. I even tried DE...nothing. What are these bionic bugs???

Thumbnail by Lvmays
Minot, ND

These are flea beetles, and they are notoriously difficult to control. See http://www.agrisk.umn.edu/cache/ARL02958.htm and http://www.uvm.edu/vtvegandberry/factsheets/fleabeetle.html for some suggestions.

Sweet Home, OR

Thank you! I'm somewhat new to gardening and now having to become a bug expert. Yep, that's what they are. I had to spray w Pyganic seeing as neem was ineffective. I didn't really worry bc I was going to spray but, the damage they did was so quick I had to pull that variety of lettuce altogether. Thanks again!

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