How to YOU start a new garden bed?

orangeville, Canada

If we are constructing a new garden, and if we want to be organic about everything, round-up is out of the question. How do YOU start a new garden? Do you cover the existing grass/weeds with cardboard or paper until they die? Do you till everything in? I'm curious as to what methods others have used.

Lynnwood, WA


I have used many methods. I have roto tilled existing sod in and with the addition of soil, built nice raised beds
Cut sod out and place grass side down, layered unwanted wood on top(hugelkultur), and then layer soil on top of that
applied cardboard to sod and then a thick layer of wood chips-this is used to kill the existing vegetation
Cut and removed sod, added compost and soil amendments, roto tilled thoroughly

What I always consider prior to choosing my course of action- is the soil compact, what is the nature of the top and sub soils, what has the site been used for before?

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