Cardboard and newspaper

South Florida, FL(Zone 10b)

Hello, I was wondering if anyone has any advice. I am doing my best to have a purely organic / natural garden, but I live in South Florida and it is a challenge with extremely sandy soil. The more organic matter I can get in my garden the better, but i live in a county that is pretty much one big city. Finding free stuff or cheap stuff is nearly impossible. There are no farms to ask for manure, hay, and even fall leaves are hard to come buy (trees don't lose all their leaves down here). Anyway, someone told me that no cardboard or newspaper should ever get thrown out. It should all go in the garden. I've heard of the layering to control weeds with it. My question is, is cardboard and newspaper really adding anything good to your soil? Is there anything in it that will actually help build real soil out of sand? Hopefully someone can help....

Lynnwood, WA

Though paper products might add something to soil(albeit not all good), I would suggest the use of an appropriate cover crop. You could always contact your local extension services to ask what they suggest for your area

wish you gardening success

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