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What is this bug?

Accra, Ghana

I've been seeing this type of bug in my house on average once every two weeks. I'm not particularly creeped out by insects (even bigger ones), but this one just creeps me out. Long legs and small wings I hope the photos are good enough. Every time I've seen one, it seems to be incapacitated somehow and so they weren't very hard to catch, but I couldn't tell you how it moves around (i.e. flies, crawls, or hops).

I should mention, I live in Accra, Ghana.

Thanks in advance!

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Thumbnail by YAbdelaal Thumbnail by YAbdelaal
Minot, ND

This is a wasp in the family Evaniidae (ensign wasps). They are harmless to humans and actually are beneficial in that they parasitize the egg cases of cockroaches.

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