identify rose?

Quinton, VA

I keep stumbling across a certain picture of roses leaning over a picket fence. I wouldn't mind trying to do something along the lines of this, but am struggling to determine which type of rose to use. Everything I've read says to go with a climber, but for some reason, the image I borrowed for this purpose doesn't look much like a climbing rose to me. Can anyone help with type? I don't necessarily need the specific variety of rose, just the category of climber or hybrid or old fashion, etc...? Help!

Thumbnail by Ryandd59
Richmond, TX

That could be a climber, but it looks more like several shrub type roses planted as a hedge.

Contra Costa County, CA(Zone 9b)

I would not use a climbing rose to create the effect in that picture.
I also do not think it is the lowest, spreading types like a carpet rose.
Start looking among the bush roses.

Look for smaller shrubs with plenty of flowers. Floribunda type, for example.
There is a 'Pink Iceburg' that is worth looking into. There are a LOT more. Pick your color!

There are many other rose types that grow in a fairly upright to somewhat spreading bush shape, and almost any that grow in this pattern could give you that look.

How much room do you have on the side of the fence where you want to plant the roses? What else is there?
For example, if the space is narrow and it is next to an often used walkway you will want a narrow, more upright plant so it won't snag people walking past.
If it is a wider area and you might add some low flowers in front of the roses, then a larger or more spreading type would be possible.

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