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Help ID spider on wall in yard

Los Gatos, CA

Here are pics of the spider and video link too.

I've seen a couple black widows, regular
hunting-type spiders, and daddy long
legs around here before. My guess would be
a house spider,
but would love to get a
conclusive identification (I'm hoping it's
not a brown recluse spider
because I've heard they can be quite poisonous).

Looking forward to getting it ID'd!

(P.s. Here's a short video linked https://www.amazon.com/photos/share/wdifQDGoLT0jlDD8szngPdHSaobvrcRfL0euzZKYT4s )

Thumbnail by PlsIDSouthBayCA Thumbnail by PlsIDSouthBayCA
Minot, ND

This appears to be a running crab spider (family Philodromidae); harmless to humans...

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