Riddle me this.........riddle me that

Newark, OH(Zone 5a)

Ok, I have one for you.............I'll tell you the result after you do it. post your end result in the number

1. Take the number of days in a week (1-7) that you would rather eat at a restaurant than at home

2. multiply that number by 2

3. add 5 to that number

4. multiply that number by 50

5. if you already had a birthday this year........add 1751 to that number
if you have not had a birthday...........add 1750 to that number

6. Now subtract the year you were born from the total (ie. 1968, 1957)

Now you should have a 3 digit number.............
Tell you the rest later :o)

Got my 3 digit number........now what?

Oops! Didn't put my number down.

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Newark, OH(Zone 5b)


Gulfport, MS(Zone 8a)


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Newark, OH(Zone 5a)

just list it.........I'm going to wait on more people to put their result number down too :o)

Belfield, ND(Zone 4a)


lagrange, GA(Zone 7a)

Redclay is 262.

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

What's yours, Flo?

Good Grief! I have the lowest number so far; what's the deal? Does that mean,I am the oldest person here?

Newark, OH(Zone 5a)

mine was 331

the first number is the number of times per week that you would rather eat out than at home. The last 2 digits is your age :o)

This only works for the year 2001 though

Hey,GRC.you're ten years older than I. To be honest,I thought I was 53 all this time. Told you all that I don't keep track of my birthday. Gee,I'm younger than I thought;but then why do I feel soooooo old at times?

lagrange, GA(Zone 7a)

Co Co I emailed flowox that it was something to do with age. I knew MSJen posted the other day that she was 33 and I think also Garden Wife posted her age the other day. I originally was going to post the following but chose to email Flowox instead I didn't want to ruin it for everyone else. I was going to post," It has something to do with age but why does Co Co's age come up when I do the caculation." Lol

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Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

This is so cool - I love number stuff like that.

Yep,I figured it out quick,not tellin',lol':D

Florence, AL(Zone 7a)

Well, that taught me---once again---that I can't do math!

lagrange, GA(Zone 7a)

Me either. I think flo was using that new fangled math. I can't even find a book on that stuff. I should have called my grandkids and then my age would have come out right. 42, ten years younger than Co Co. Hehe

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