Premarin Foals

Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)

I'm just wondering if anyone farms horses for Premarin or has anything to do with the Premarin foals...?
Premarin is a hormonal drug for menopausal women. The premarin element comes from the urine of pregnant mares and the mares are bred for only that purpose..collection of urine for use in pharmaceuticals and only pregnant horses produce this hormone. The foals, when born, are often sent to slaughter since they are considered a by-product, sadly to say. There are many groups who are trying to find homes for these unwanted, healthy baby horses. I have a link below about the issue.
I'm curious if any farmers here deal with the Premarin you sell off the foals..send them away to auction? Or, on the other end...has anyone done any rescue/placement for these throw-away baby horses.

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Richmond Hill, GA(Zone 8b)

That's terrible, Trish. :(

As far as I know, Premarin is still the only HRT on the market that is animal based. I've been in the medical field for lots of years and even worked for some OB/GYNS running their laboratory. I learned a lot about HRT while I worked there. What do I think? I think the manufacturer of Premarin has done a good job of convincing women that their product is the best choice for HRT when in fact there are so many others to choose from that work just as well or better.


Pisgah Forest, NC

This is a little ravel off the thread, but I am looking for two Jersey heifers preferably of organically grown stock. Your help would be very much appreciated.

Toston, MT(Zone 4a)

Where are you located? My mother has a couple jersey's. Although I don't think she'd sell any heifers, she may know of someone who has some. We're located in Montana.

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