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Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Hello, and a pleasant Sunday to you all. Today is sunny, cold and windy. I sure wish it would warm up. I am on my way down to the lambing barn even tho I am not working there today I like to keep up on what is happening. Last night I brought in one ewe with one lamb, a fair sized lamb but already getting cold in the wind. Another ewe was wandering and talking, pretty close to lambing but not ready to settle down and have anything when I left last night. The neighbor lady said her husband found a dead one in the field when he checked about 3 hours later. I wonder if I should have stayed and watched her......? This ewe had twins, one was alive when he found her. It may not have been the same ewe, so I need to go find out. When we had our own sheep I lost a lot of sleep over cases like this, going to the house and sleeping an hour then going back to check for lambs. It is different when you're being paid by someone because I don't want to waste their money by hanging around another hour when nothing definite is happening. Well, anyhow I know I can't save them all on my short shift, and that lamb may have been stillborn or something else, maybe she laid on while she had the second one but that isn't too likely out in the field where there is plenty of room. Well, on the brighter side they could try grafting a lamb for her to raise, there are 4 in the bummer pen that would like a mama. Well off I go. Spring's a commin', someday. The grass is greening up and growing just a little, our horses are eating little snips and really working at it, but then come back to finish up their hay.

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