Journal March 12

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Good morning. I just came in from my 1 am lamb check. Tonight a ewe had triplets but one was real tiny and died en route to the barn. I think it was mostly dead when I picked it up, and what appeared to be life out in the field in the dark was really last gasps. I had waited for this ewe to finish lambing so these were warm babies. The two other lambs are doing well. The wind is still blowing tho not nearly as strong as for the past 3 nights and days. It gets a little old! Yesterday I ended up helping when I went to the barn. Then I did the 6 pm check and brought in a ewe with twins, and a yearling who was walking around with a lamb's feet and nose sticking out and didn't have a clue. I brought part of the flock that was near her into the barn and got her caught with a leg hook. A little pull on one of those feet and she had a lamb, then a few minutes later there was a 2nd one. Those little yearlings are so slim they usually don't even look pregnant. Where do they hide twins in there? She is a sweet little mamma, and calm too! Now I had better get back to bed. Hope all of you have a good day. Count your blessings.

Fayette, MO(Zone 6a)

Good Morning, We had just a beautiful weekend here in the MidWest. We have had an escape calf that decided to live with the neighbors cattle instead of my sheep. It was a pretty wild herd and whenever I came close they would all start running. Hubby had a friend come out. He brought two beautiful quarter horses and when he got outta his big truck he had on spurs, chaps, and was carrying a lassoe. He mostly shows horses, so one little mare in training had never been with cattle in the real world before. Hubby and I sat on a hill to watch the action and I told him this was better than any 15 dollar movie. The cowboy finally got off his rookie mare cornered my calf on foot. He (the calf not the cowboy) is now in solitary confinement on this side of the highway.
I got to keep my Granddaughter for the first time here at the farm. She is soooo good. Laughs and smiles all the time.
Well, off to the "Salt Mine". Gotta pay for my bad habits.

southeast, NE

Good morning! I didn't get time to check in this weekend. Thank God the weather predictors didn't get yesterday's prediction correct. Originally talked about 5+ inches of snow and we just had some ice and a littl bit of snow. It is very pretty out this a.m. but should warm up to melt. Maggie had a nice heifer calf at 2 this a.m. Dh said she is a little hairball. Maggie has turned out to be a good investment for us in that she has produced some really nice calves. This latest calf came from some semen from a deceased bull and we already have two people that have first "dibs" on her if we sell her.

Patty, thanks for asking about dd. She is still struggling with College Algebra. She is home on spring break this week (well sort of home). She has to observe a Voc Ag advisor for three days. She has to drive about 45 min to get to school to observe a female instructor. Female ag advisors are still in the minority and it was suggested she might be good to observe from a woman's point of view. How did your dd do at the contests? Since dd is out of high school, she can no longer participate but she is helping at the State Convention this year. Two years ago she and another chapter member won a gold medal at State for a team demo. She did submit her diversified livestock proficiency for awards and did receive a gold medal at district level. Hopefully, she will do good at State on that proficiency and win some scholarship $$$.

You all take care!

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

cloudy with a high of 30-35 today with sleet/rain/snow expected. The weatherman are covering all their bases!=]
Playing catchup here today-laundry,dishes and more! I let the maid go, she just want keeping up on thingz! ;]
A bunch of the wrestling guyz are playing hooky today and going to a resturant with a "BUFFET"! They can eat now-until they join the national team! Teig didnt place this year at states it was really sad!! But I told him-hes a junior and has been a state qualifer 3yrs-placed once, some kids never get the chance! Im proud of him!
Ive run out of planting cells-aaahhhhh. I made trays last night out of egg cartons with the top part used as the watering tray! hope it works or I'll be jonesing!
take care,

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Good Morning all! Busy morning here, playing catch up from the weekend. Dori and I are having the same problems with our maids ;->...Just can't find good help these days! I was gone most of the weekend. Only home at night and to tired to do any work when I got home. Ugh! it is all here waiting for me. Loads of clothes to wash.
Warm and muggy here this morning. We are under a severe weather watch...again! It is about 80* and muggy. Very cloudy and windy.
You ladies all sound so busy with all the babies being born. How exciting, but I guess heartbreaking too. Kathy Jo, it is so good to hear from you. I miss ya'. How is that grandbaby? Getting big I bet! Take care all, blessings! Lisa

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southeast, NE

Patty - I remember a year ago - my dd was so "snarly" and had major "senioritis". On top of those normal senior emotions, she was President of her FFA Chapter and had lots of what I call "growing lessons" while being President. We are lucky that we have a fairly good FFA Advisor. Our Chapter used to have a reputation for being fairly competive then the high school went through some administration who did not realize the importance of FFA and they had some hiring problems - went thorugh 5 advisors in 5 years. Luckily, when dd started high school, they hired the present FFA advisor. The admin will still try to pull some [deleted] on this advisor. One year, I led a petition to keep the classes, etc. Last year he even submitted his resignation because they kept cutting his classes, etc. The admin is finally coming around. Anyway, if your advisor isn't helping you, you or your dd might call your State FFA office or check the FFA webiste. I think it's
Unfortunately, the deadline for FFA scholarships is past for this year. Some states offer more scholarships than others. Was your dd in 4-H? Your Extension office may also have some scholarship info. Is she planing to major in an agric field? If she is, tell her to contact the school she will be attending. Agriculture is one field that seems to get a lot of scholarship backing. You might check with your local Farm Bureau. I vaguely remember that the Dairy Council offers scholarships.

DD attended the National Convention all 4 years. She said it is much better since moving to Louisville, KY. The advisor wanted me to be one of the drivers to Louisville. I'm not much of a "city" driver especially with a van full of teenagers. Hopefully, dd will get her National Degree and will get to go back this fall to accept it.

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Fayette, MO(Zone 6a)

Patty, Turkeys and guineas are thriving. The guineas roost in the dogwood tree right here by the computer window. I look out and see their silohettes. They met up with the neighbors guineas the other day. We had a regular guinea war. Everyone went to their respective homes after it was over. The turkeys I have had to keep locked up. They like to fly across the road and they look so much like wild turkeys I fear someone will take them or shoot them. And yes a few chicken eggs in the incubator. Yes! the weather was wonderful here and more coming this week I think.

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

You ladies with your children so active in FFA, westling, etc. have much to be proud of in these kids. It takes a lot of self discipline as well as the discipline from parents, teachers, etc. to reach these levels of acheivement.
We had lovely weather here until about 4 p.m. when a cold front moved thru. Now it is downright cold outside.
I'm busy potting up starts I brought home from PG last week. I've just kept them moist until this morning. I think they are all going to be fine as they never wilted. Lots of petunia starts, some foxglove, a few cabbages, several parsley,etc. Also some discarded plants I dug out of the compost pile. Most are spent for the time being and may or may not recover and bloom again. I'll just put them back into pots only some in the next size larger. There were a couple pots of minature iris that I was told are bronze. Now that is a new one for us for sure.
DGS and I had to put chicken wire over a raised bed around 3 sides of the base of a maple tree in the yard. The banties had nearly dug out the daffies and tulips I planted in it last summer after PG discarded them. I hated to have to staple the wire to the tree, but it seemed the only way to make sure the chickens and cats who like to use that bed for a litter box out of the bed. I used twistie ties to fasten the pieces of chicken wire together so I can get in there to plant more flowers. The bed needs many more plants to keep it colorful all season. We also stapled the wire to the logs/utility pole pieces on the outside of the bed.
I have beans on cooking for taco salad tomorrow. They smell so good. I'll make chalupa/tortilla type bread to serve with it.
Have a wonderful evening, everyone.

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