Journal? 3/13/01

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Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Good morning. Patty you sure do sound ambitious! Honey locust, hmmm? do they have thorns? It is a kinka cloudy calm day here, 40* right now, and it was above freezing all night! AND last evening the wind quit. Finally!!! Last night we got a set of triplets and a set of twins on my night lamb check. No problems at all. It's such a relief not to have them getting chilled so quickly. I made 2 trips out to the pasture with the fourwheeler and cart to bring them in, then made another check to be sure I hadn't missed any, iodined the new ones' navels, wrote the info on the barn chart, did a walk-by check of every pen in the barn and was out of there in an hour. And then I couldn't sleep even tho the kitty was trying to purr me to sleep. Today I will go riding. Wooopee! And maybe start making a new flower bed for the daylilies I ordered last fall. Spring may finally be comming, I see some green grass here and there but the pastures still look brownish yellow from a distance. The mud is drying up and the county road has dust. This is a funny time of year, snowbanks, mud and dust all within a few feet of each other. It's getting easier to get around. Hubby took the chains off the tractor, switched the tires on the car to regular treads, and put away the snow tires until next winter. Count your blessings everybody!

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Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

patty-Wow, you go girl!;] Lots of energy. Today is very gloomy and snow flurries off n on! The ground here is all showing --no snow 'cept for a few mounds from drive way clearing!
Im going to join the maid and take the day off today(;]
Its kinda of a sad day-but tomorrow will be better!hohum!
I hope everyone down south has survived the terrible weather. spring will be here soon!
dayme is tugging at my shirt saying 'huwwy(hurry)huwwy-were going to just chill together! ;]
everyone have a great day,

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Good afternoon -

Spring has sprung! All in a flush within 24 hours, the Lupine and California Poppy are all up, open and awake! Blue and Orange streaking up the hill sides! Such a glorious day! I'm gonna leave work now and take my camera and run around the hills - but probably not bare-footed! Snagged a slug between the toes the other morning while letting the dogs out... thought about y'all on the swishy-squishy thread....

Take care, everyone.

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Hee, Hee so funny Karla! No frog popping? Beautiful day here. Loads of sunshine. I had to ride into the city this morning (New Orleans). Not fun on a pretty day. Glad to be in the country. I also had trades to get out today. Lots of packing. Ya'll take care, have a good evening, Lisa

southeast, NE

Good evening! Well I finally did it - fell head over heals into mud (and other things) when my boots were sucked into the [deleted]. DD thought it was quite hysterical and I heard several cars drive by. DD is off this week for spring break - I had to run a few errands and she talked me into hitting a few thrift stores. She found a really nice set of Lee khakis and a Ann Taylor blouse. (I had no idea that Ann Martin was a designer name but clerk said it was a $50 blouse.)

The calf that was born yesterday is all black except for a little white on her tummy and two small "swish marks" on her back legs so we are going to call her Nike.

Darby calved today. That's why I was clomping around in the mud - we were trying to catch the calf to put ear tags on her and weigh her.

Well I'd better go - the more I do the behinder I get. And I am getting so sick of having dirt and mud everywhere!

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Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Too funny Jewel! Lisa

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