Journal March 14, 2001

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

A very cloudy good morning. Nothing much going on today. More rain on the way. The weather man said more *severe* weather today. Hopefully it will pass through fast without event! It is about 69* here this morning. Ya'll have a great day. Patty how is the fence project? Mary did you get to do some riding? Blessings, Lisa

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

Cold, windy, snowy...

Are you sick of hearing this? We're sick of being sick of it!

Stan and I had a snow rodeo, one of the heifers from the heifer barn got loose and decided to go for a run in the very "fresh air!" She wasn't really interested in going back in, and we finally caught her when she ran into the spreader - DUH! She didn't go quietly! The dog wasn't much help - she was having too much fun.

In the mean time the big outdoors heifers got the back door of the barn open and were strolling up and down the mangers. Don't you just love it??

wishing you spring,

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Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

morning everyone,
today is really bright n sunny-still cold out. I have a sorethroat and dayme has a Big bug. We are having a spring count down here 6 more days!!
Lisa I will be watching the weather down south today-hope
ya'll stay safe n dry! June is tornado month here in Mich.
Kathleen glad to see your making the most of that cold weather your having-I got a big chukle out of the cow running into the spreader!! Ive chased our cows(childhood)more than once! =]
Patty you just keep going and going-do you have a pink bunny suit in your closet!? greenhouse-im so jealous!!!
everyone have a safe and happy day-im going to clean up and then go watch "big daddy" and rest
god bless everyone,

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Good morning! Last night when I went out to do the lamb check at 1 am it was snowing and the wind was howling. I was glad to see no ewes with new babies, and none thinking about having anything right away. This was quite a contrast to yesterday when I was working on a compost pile and was almost running out of shirts to take off! Almost. I got busy with that project and used up a lot of time, then when I thought I would go for a ride the wind suddenly came up, sky got dark and things started flying around in the wind. I haven't checked to see if the compost pile is still there. This is one I started building last fall and I am just adding to it since we have a lot of moldy hay, a lot of horse manure and a fair sized pile of sawdust from the lumber milling project last fall. I think I will turn it with the tractor bucket in about a week when it gets to cooking. Today I will go meet my riding friend who is bringing a cow to the vet. She has other things to do in town anyhow, so it is cheaper to load up the cow and bring her to the vet than to pay the vet call for going to the ranch.She will finally get the things I picked up for her at the endurance riders convention. Maybe I can get a quick ride done this morning or later this afternoon. Patty, your treasure hunt sounds like a lot of fun, and the waterfall idea trickling from one dish to another is something I have seen somewhere, it looked really good. Kathleen's cow story is funny, I can just see it. They sure know how to have fun with simple things, we should all take lessons from animals. Think spring! and count your blessings.

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Batchelor, LA(Zone 8b)

Un autre jour de pluie.

southeast, NE

Good afternoon! It's really nice out - 50's. However, it's supposed to snow again tomorrow, starting with thunderstorms later today.

Kathleen - do you think it was the right "moon" for wondering heifers? Dh found one of our's loose. It was in the barn; however, I noticed hoof prints all over the place - even some right outside the back door. Can't figure why the dog wasn't throwing a fit - she throws fits at rabbits.

Patty - yes I laughed too! She had to come and help me back up. I should have pulled her down with me.

Well I'd better go - seem to have lots of laundry to do today!

Ein anderer Tag ohne Regen hier. :(

We're supposed to get rain today, though. We need it. Funny how the weather of the South plays tricks on us. Dumps all over LA and leaves TN dry.

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