Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

today is suppose to be 40 and rainy!! GLOOMY I sure am longing for the warm days of summer. Very dull around here-nothing happening! I need more seed trays!! I cant believ how fast daves site has grown since I joined last september.
Great job Dave-you the man! Welcome to all the newbies that have joined this week.
Hope all my garden friends have a great day!
Stay safe & God bless all,

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Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

thanks for the chuckle-I can see the chicken running and squaking!! hehehee
Tell your daughter not to feel to bad-I just found out its a "trouble" light not "trebble"! My sons just learned that its "duct" tape not "duck" tape!! quack quack

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Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Morning ya'll! It is so beautiful here this morining. It is hard to believe we had such terrible weather last night. Not a cloud in the sky. I went outside this morning to survey and take head count. Everything is fine. All accounted for. Patty thanks for the laugh, I too can picture a chicken in tupperware & getting out! LOL! Funny thing, I know it is 'duct' tape, but I call and spell it 'duck' tape..But I really like the 'cub' cake one, haha. Not much to do today outside. I might try to go find the plug in the yard to go let all this water out....Bye ya'll, have a great day...hang on Terri(pete2)..Blessings, Lisa

Richmond Hill, GA(Zone 8b)

Whew! The worst of the bad weather is over. That was a close call. When I hear that a tornado is not too far away, I tend to freak. I feel much better now. :)


Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

Good afternoon,
Eye dr. appointment today - the "top" part of the perscription stayed the same, the "lower" gets stronger.

It was adventure day - every time we turned the engine on the car off, the starter cable would short out and it wouldn't start again when we were ready to go until Stan got under the car and wiggle things. And it only has 70,000 mies on it - 30,000 or 50,000 more to go. It could be a long 3 or 4 years! He's out working on it now.

Guess I'll take a nap, all that excitement was too much. Or maybe I should just fix a Dave-sized cup of really strong tea!


it's nice to know our animals aren't the only ones that do strange and wonderful things!

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Good afternoon from the west coast. We have another cold and windy day, what a let down after the beautiful one yesterday. Plans changed yesterday, my friend called and cancelled our lunch because they had a chilled calf to try to save, so I went riding, saw about 100+ deer in several big bunches out there in the hills. My strawberries and garden are safe again! I may get out and work a while, come in and warm up, go out again. I just came from the sheep barn, it is wild down there. They are hoping to get a break this evening and have me do the 6pm lamb check while they visit and have supper at the grandparents with their daughter who is just comming for the evening. The other daughter is helping this week. Last night I brought 2 ewes with 1 lamb each to the barn, and one with twins. It has been busy all day. I found a dead lamb last night that had been layed on, and another one got killed later this morning when 2 ewes were fighting. The ewe who lost the lamb wasn't even involved, and she is frantic to find her lamb. Poor thing, we just can't explain it too her, and she doesn't want another lamb, even one with the skin of her dead one on it doesn't satisfy her. (It works sometimes tho it sounds gross!) Things are a little crazy down there. I hope things are tamer when I have to take care of them pretty much alone. Now I think I will go work on the compost pile which is getting to be a sizeable thing! The tractor bucket will be pressed into service, easier than a wheelbarrow. Hope everybody had a good day. Blessings!

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southeast, NE

Good afternoon! Patty - I too had to chuckle at your post. Kathleen - sounds like my eye glass prescription. I get a chuckle going into the grocery store with all of us aging boomers as people are taking off their glasses to read the labels. Mary - I just hate hearing those poor moms bawling for their babies. We had a ewe this year that lost both of her lambs and it took her several days of bawling and pacing before she settled down.

It's been cloudy and dreary most of the day and occaisionally has rained and snowed. I'm feeling a little run down from the crud I have and this weather seems to get me more down.

Had some bad news yesterday. The father of a friend of dd's died. They think he crawled into an abandoned well to pull out a calf and drowned. Please keep the family in your thoughts. Life is going to be rough for them.

Some of our lambs crawl through the hay bunk and get free range of the place. Normally they stay fairly close to their moms. However, this a.m. I caught a gang of them chewing on some of my trees and had to give them a piece of my mind.

Well I'd better go make supper. HyVee had cabbage for 9 cents a lb so I bought 3 heads. Need to figure what I want to do with it. Everyone take care and stay safe!

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

Patti, we have house chickens sometimes too. Right now DGS has a sort of pet banty hen who likes to lay her eggs in his pet bunny's cage in the utility room. That cage is 3' X 4' X 3' so there is plenty of room even if some of the cats decide to visit too. When she is done laying her egg she starts talking to us and he goes in to let her back outside for the rest of the day. Our turkey hen has had a accident of some kind too. There is a bad gash in her left side under her wing. DGS held her yesterday while I trimmed off some of the dead skin and stitched it together somewhat. Tomorrow we will try to pull it closer together and remove more of the dead skin. There is too much gone to pull it all together at once. There was a nasty greenish looking spot on the main muscle of that leg that looks dangerously like gangrene. I've given her a big shot of long acting penicillin and we have cleaned it with peroxide & sprayed it well with scarlet oil to keep it soft. You can put your hand down inside her chest between the skin and muscle and down the leg the same way. No pus tho that we can see and no bad smell as of yesterday. She is still walking around and eating so that is a goood sign.
DS from Nebraska came in about 4 this afternoon. He was here to get his vehicle relicensed with MO tags until the paperwork in NE is all taken care of to license it in NE
We've had some nice slow rain most of today. So nice to have it soak in like this. We've really had a rather dry winter this year.
We have daffodills, suprise lilies, tulips, and daylilies come up all over the yard. I think I saw a crocus the other day but didn't get to go look closely. I was thrilled to see the oriental poppies I planted last summer returning. I've tried so many times without success. I just love Prince Alexander and Mary Louisa cultivars of Oriental poppies. We have a small patch of red orange ones I managed to transplant a few years ago. One of the fritillara is up about 6" too. It's on the south end of the house so it's protected from the worst of the weather. The blooms from fritillara are so pretty and the bulbs smell so terrible. Like a skunk to put it nicely. Underground tunneling critters seem to steer clear of these bulbs.
Have a wonderful day everyone.

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Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

Patty, I 'll try to find that other antibiotic. I don't have silvadine salve. I'll have to look for that and see if I can get some. I usually rely on blue lotion to dry wounds and scarlet spray to keep them moist. I also like Vit. E I get in the beauty dept. at WalMart. Yes, I give shots. Birds get them in the breast. Neighbors bring me their chickens for shots when they are sick. Sometimes I feel like the neighborhood vet! once we had an Indian Runner duck hen who had her back flesh entirely eaten off and had maggots(they only eat dead flesh so that was disturbing, but I kind of wish we had some maggots now for Elizabeth) deep into the body cavity. I used the hand held shower head to clean it all out and poured betadine solution into it after a good peroxide cleaning. She healed up just fine and lived for years after that faithfully ruling the rest of the ducks in a sweet loving way. All we had to say was "I.R., take them into the pen/house" and she would round up the rest of the ducks and head for the pen/house. None of them questioned her authority.
We even treat injured pigeons or wild birds(including starlings). How's that for soft heartedness. Or is it soft headedness?

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