Am I just being paranoid?! Please help...

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Richmond Hill, GA(Zone 8b)

Patty, to make yourself feel better, why don't you call the folks at U of Mo. and talk to them about your fears. I'm sure they wouldn't be having this open house if they were concerned about the possibility of F&M. With all the terrible news in the papers, I'm sure it's only natural for this to pop into your thoughts. Go give the folks a call and make yourself feel better. :)


Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)

I think it's a very valid point to worry about this epidemic and we hope that it doesn't spread to this country. It's enough to hear and see the devastation overseas...the loss of farm herds, income to farmers, and impact upon their lives. Thank God, though, that it is not tramsmitable to humans, although the Mad Cow disease is enough of a threat. There is a farm near me which has a petting zoo for school kids and they were nearly closed down from an outbreak of E. Coli, where kids went about petting farm animals and there were no handwashing facilities to use. I pray that no person/farm/facility in this country has to be wiped out from the outbreak of something so devastating.

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Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

Patty, at least talk with your vet. I'm pretty sure that there is a vaccine for F&M that is quite effective. On the news last night they were talking about Customs taking extra precautions with the luggage and shoes of travelers from Europe. We do have the advantage of an ocean between us and the heaviest threat, although with air travel, that becomes less and less of an advantage. Look at it this way, there are very few actual farmers, and at this point, they are staying close to home. You realy should talk with someone for your own peace of mind.

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Bodrum, Turkey(Zone 10a)

Good luck Patty, what a tough decision, I think I might bow out at this point, it's not worth the risks.

Hang in there


Richmond Hill, GA(Zone 8b)

Patty, although the chance of your animals contracting this F&M or something similiar are very, very slim, I can tell you're very upset about this. Frankly, I would be worrying just as you are, dear, because I'm a worrier, too. For that reason, I'm going to tell you what I would do in your situation. I wouldn't go. Why not? Because I would spend my whole time at the outing just worrying more!!! It's just not worth it. I say...just stay home and have some peace of mind. :)


New Paris, OH

Okay, I got an email yesterday that said Hoof and mouth disease was not a fatal disease generally (5% mortality) and was about as bad as getting cold sores all over your mouth and feet. That the media was not stating facts such as exactly what does this disease do do the livestock and how fatal is it really.

H&M does stop milk in cows and makes the animals uncomfortable for a couple of weeks so weights drop and some money is lost while the herd is sick woith it but most would recover if allowed to.

The letter points out that the UK in 1950 due to a H&M outbreak than decided to enact a zero tolerance policy towards H&F in an attempt to stop the spread.

Perhaps this policy is throwing the baby out with the bath water.

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Milton, FL(Zone 8a)

I don't know if it has made the national news but our local news has been full of stories about containers of used farm equiptment,from the UK,probably contaminated with H&M,now under quarantine at the Port of Mobile.No plans to send it back.They are going to TRY to disinfect it.The authorities HOPE it will work.If we don't have it already,we will.

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Bodrum, Turkey(Zone 10a)

That's a scary prospect Patty. Hope it ends there.

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An ounce of prevention...If you own animals always, ALWAYS have,maintain and use a quarantine pen.Whether bringing in additions or bringing your own home from anywhere.Treat everything as a potential bio-hazard.

southeast, NE

Yep we learned this the hard way - we never ever had ringworm on the place until dd showed a ewe at the State Fair. There were kids in our own Chapter that had ringworm - we should have thrown a fit right then and there but we didn't. Guess what, we now have ringworm on our place. And ringworm is pretty small potatoes to this stuff.

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