Journal March 16, 2001

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Good morning folks! Reporting in at a chilly 57* this morining. I went outside earlier to do my morning critter check and it was down right chilly. Weather guy says it will only get to 68* today. It was almost 80* yesterday, what a change. It is so pretty here this morning. Still lots of mud everywhere. I managed to get the van, truck AND the riding lawn mower stuck yesterday...all in one day! Boy am I good...:-)
***Mary E-does your little bunny still come around?
***EvaMae-hope your turkey gets well, that green stuff doesn't sound to good...
***Jewel & MaryE, I didn't know lambing can be so heartbreaking :-(
Ya'll have a great day, Kathleen, hope you were lucky enough to get some rest after that BIG day yesterday. Blessings to all, LIsa

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

Morning all,
Happy birthday suit patty!!! hehehe Happy birthday girlie!
Boy Lisa thats to bad that you are only going to get up to 68 today-we are looking for a high of 35!!! the wind is 25mph out of the northeast..BRRRRR. I went out in my big garden and I do have tulips up about a inch! =] There is life starting to show up..the ground sedums are looking great!
I dont think I could handle the lil lambs not making it! Thats way to sad! I could never sell them either, they're so cute n cuddly. awwww
Im really getting addicted to daves-find it hard to get off the computer and get my new chores done(let the maid go)
I dont want to miss anything-I did miss 1000 by like 10 minutes-but I had to get the plant trades to the post office
Everyone have a great day-happy bd PATTY!

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

Good morning, all. THERE IS SNOW ON THE GROUND HERE IN CENTRAL MO.! Only a nice blanket to cover the ground, but still SNOW. On the 16th of March for heaven sake. It was predicted but we got only gentle rain all day yesterday and it never really got that cold so I was hoping the weather man was wrong. I want to much to put those 30+ pots of mums and asters off the front porch and out into some bright sunlight and spring breezes. There are trays of petunias, cabbage, and kale that need the room on the front porch. I did move one of the Doritos rack we salvaged a couple years ago from a convience store onto the porch to hold the pots of flowers I brought home from PG a week ago. The 3 shelves are full to running over.
We did some cleaning around here yesterday. DH even ran the vaccum cleaner over some of the floors for me. YEAH!! That doesn't happen too often. We have bare hardwood so it really isn't that big a job. He wants to just dustmop and let it go but I won't go that route. I have allergies and if I decide to do something with dust, dog and cat hair, and other such stuff I want it trapped in water not floating around in the air. We have a long runner carpet on the front porch that does require the carpet head. Yesterday it was loaded with potting soil.
Yes, Lisa, livestock birthing seasons can be heart breaking at times. It seems to go in cycles for some reason. One year only one farmer will have troubles, another year no one does, another year everyone seems to be plagued by death or other problems. We have a neighbor who has goats and at least once a year I go up there to give an opinion and provide antibiotic shots. I don't get into the pulling much because I haven't the strength or stomach for it anymore. She has a friend who does the pulling and it often ends up with the mother dying. Not because the woman who pulls the kids doesn't know what she is doing, but because the presentation was so horrible and the doe was just too small in the first place. The last one, just the other day, was a pygmy goat who had at least 2 good size babies both coming at once. Just the size of the doe made anyone but a child reaching up there dangerous to her. I'm so glad we don't do that livestock scene anymore.
The wild birds are thick on the feeders, fighting for a place to perch or sit to get seeds. I guess I could go out and throw some sunflower seeds on the ground for the extras.
DH is up so I need to go fix breakfast for him and try to shake DGS awake. I think I'm make biscuits with cinnamon, apples and raisins in them. Actually I don't make biscuits, I just put it in a pan and bake it as a whole then cut it.
Lisa, way to go with the vehicles and mud!! That sounds like something I might do. Your warm temps sound so wonderful.
Have a wonderful day everyone.

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

***WARM TEMP'S***??? ;-) No warm temps here is down right chilly! Even the weather man said so...(chuckle)

Surry, VA(Zone 7b)

Good morning everyone... Came home last night after a 72 hour work week. I'm trying to do the laundry and tidy up some here, before I leave again tonight. Only four more weeks to go! My border collie puppy is growing in leaps and bounds, and came running out to greet me last night. I was worried she'd forget who I was. My fiance has been starting seeds for me when he gets home from work at night and now they are everywhere! I am so lucky to have such a wonderful man.
Lisa...I have the chicken hat packed up for you. I just need to get to the p.o.
Leaflady...You may want to try one of those Swiffers on your floors. We also have hardwood floors and my fiance has allergies. They work pretty well for us.
Have a great day everyone,

Stanton, IA(Zone 4b)

I keep thinking about the summer garden of vegetables, but now it is wishful thinking. We have had about 114 days of snow cover on the ground. I can usually start tilling around St. Patrick's Day and working with the soil. The snow started melting 2 days ago, then we got another 4" last night. If the snow melts tomorrow, it will take 2-3 weeks for the soil to dry out enough to get into the garden, providing there is no rain. I know we will plant something besides tomatos, but it may be a short growing season. Send me some sunshine!

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Good morning. We have sunshine! but we also have wind and 33*, Lisa, we're gonna pay you back for all this come summer when you have heat and humidity and it is more comfortable elsewhere. We will remind you how comfortable we are every chance we get! :^) I could sure use a few of your "chilly" days here about now. Our mud has dried up, and the driveway is getting hard already. The man who does the maintenance and monitoring on the irrigation ditch system says he has never seen the creeks in the mountains so low for so early in the season, and so little snow above them to supply water, so it may be a short irrigation season. That means a short hay supply, scanty grain crop, not as much pasture grass, and probably some additional cutbacks in my yard and vegie garden. We are mid way through the lambing season now. The ewes are in a smaller pasture closer to the barn so it makes it easier to check them and bring them inside. Last night after I brought in a ewe and her lamb and was checking all the ones in small pens in the barn the lights went out. I had to stand there and remember just where I was and how to get to the nearest flashlight. Believe me folks, when it is dark in the country it is really dark! We had rain, wind and snow yesterday. Today I hope to work outside a while, probably will have to come inside often to warm up. Everybody have a great day and count your blessings. Happy birthday to Patty!

southeast, NE

Good day! Happy Birthday Patty! Beautiful out today. The snow missed us last night. There was some lowland flooding off the Platte and Elkorn rivers yesterday but seems to have gone down this a.m. Yes - I really like those swiffers - I have the Pledge type handle but have picked up generic refills for less than the Pledge and Swiffer brands. I also use pieces of fleece on the handle that does a good job. We have some hardwood floors and tile floors. The tile floors seem to be the hardest to sweep and mop and the "swiffer" picks dust and hair up very well. DD will show calves at a local cattle show this weekend. We always enjoy this show as it is more local people. They have a kettle pitch fork steak feed on Saturday night. Have any of you ever seen that? They take a big kettle and fill it with oil and put the steaks on the end of a pitch fork and dip the steaks in the oil. I believe the steaks are usually donated and they will sell steak, potatoes, beans and cake for $5.

Reba, a heifer, had a calf this a.m. We were a little worried about her because she had swollen knees and had a hard time walking. We were a little afraid that she had toxemia. The calf was a little small but seems to be doing well. Better go - lots to do again today! Take care!

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Fayette, MO(Zone 6a)

Patty, Happy Happy Birthday.. I know you have had an extremely busy birthday what with the Vet School Open House. I had wanted to get off a noon and come over to the School and introduce myself if I could find you. I work so close to the Vet Hospital. But couldn't get off. After work Hubby and I flew home checked on the sheep, etc... and then went to a Roadside Cafe we really like. The owner was talking to one of her costumers and said, "We went to the Vet School open house today and it was so cool." I know she probably saw some of your animals.
MaryE, Would love to send you some of our moisture. The creeks that run through my farm are full to the brim. At least they aren't out.
EvaMae, Keep us informed on your turkeys. Tom and Elizabeth correct? Their children are doing fine on this side of central Mo. I keep watching for eggs.
It was still spitting snow when we came home from eating. Not much accumulation. We have the wood stove blazing though and it feels really good.
SSooooo glad it's Friday..... Take Care and Happy Farming,
Catherine, are you home yet?. Been missing you.

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