Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

Good morning and Happy St Pats Day

We went to a Co-op Extention Pasture Meeting yesterday. Stan was one of the presenters. He wrote a nice story of our farm and read it. His brother was taking bets on when he'd faint - thank Heaven, he didn't make any money! Stan likes to be in on the conversation, but he's not much of one to get up in front.

The main speaker was a farmer from Indiana who has a seasonal herd - dries everything off in December and has them all fresh by the middle of March. It was quite interesting to hear about, but how do you get yourself to go back to milking after all that time off??? He was telling us all about his pasture management. most of it is what we've been doing since 1982.

We sat with some freinds from the other side of the county. Stan met them at a dairy management school a few years ago and we see them at the extention meetings. They were in one of those difficult situations where they bought off her parent's farm and had her siblings to deal with every time they wanted to make an improvement.

I'm happy to report that the car behaved itself.

Now, if I can shake this cold this weekend and if the snow will quit and if I get a nice nap later, maybe I can get caught up! Did you ever notice how far behind just one day away can get you??

Patty, belated birthday wishes. It sounds like you had a good time. You have to wonder what the schools are teaching our kids! Milk from a cow - RADICAL!

To all of those out watching newborns, soft breezes and warmer weather and animals that let you help them!

Hi Eva Mae!


Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Good Morning all! Kathleen, glad to hear the car behaved itself! Sounds like ya'll had a nice day.
Patty, sounds like a busy b-day for you!
A little chilly this morning. It is cloudy and overcast. I am hoping it clears up later on. I have much to do outside today. Dh is already off to work, seems like we never see him anymore!He leaves early & comes in late. I am having to keep this place up by myself..although I did it when I was single, it is a little harder these days. I guess you factor in a little one and you are very limited what you can do...LOL! It is embarrassing when you have a lawn service and your yard looks terrible! Have a good day folks! Blessings, Lisa

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Good afternoon. Yesterday I got started on clearing sod from a new flower bed. More of that today between rain and snow showers. Last night was slow at the barn, no new babies to bring inside, but I did bring in a ewe who was going to lamb soon. To do that I bring the whole flock inside, and then let the ones I don't want out the door behind me while keeping myself between the selected one and the door. Kind of tricky but with patience and a little luck it worked. The ewe was nervous but relaxed as soon as I ignored her. She looked like she would deliver her lambs in an hour or so, and they could get pretty cold before the next lambcheck if I had left her outside. The ladies in waiting now number about 100 and have been moved to a clean pasture closer to the barn, so it is much easier to check them. On the other side of the road the pasture is filling up with lambs and they are starting to run around chasing each other in large groups. When they stop they immediately start hollaring for mamma! They are very entertaining! For those city folks looking in on this post, it would be like turning about 200 preschoolers loose in a gymnasium. Now I'm off to dig, hope all of you have a great day.

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

Good afternoon everyone. Kathleen, when I was milking goats & cows(about 6-8 of each but not the same years)I always dried up the girls for the winter. I didn't want to have to milk much after Thanksgiving or before Valentines Day. It really worked out quite well. But my poor arms and hands were in so much pain for the first week or so. I finally got some of those hand squeeze exercise things and started using them about a week before we expected the first kid/ calf. What wonderful memories. Boy am I glad they are just memories and not present reality. This old grey mare ain't what she use to be and I hate it.
I'm battling a head cold too. I started taking Bactrim last night. That always helps quickly. I go into sinus infections and bronchitis almost immediately with any kind of respiratory problems involving germs or viruses.
DGS & I did a few minutes yard work this afternoon while DH went to town to get a few groceries. We decided we really do want some corned beef kettle for lunch tomorrow and some of that pistachio pudding/pineapple/coolwhip dessert. He got the sugar free pudding mix and FF cool whip in town. We have crushed pineapple already. That stuff sure is good! Anyway, DGS and I mostly dug out a few small clumps of that $%&*@# fescue that DH's dad planted back in the 50s or early 60s. It is good during drougth conditions, but spreads badly, overruns and smothers out all other plants, and often develops nematodes that cause the livestock serious health problems, sometimes even death. Spraying with pesticides does little if any good and tilling just chops up the roots and spreads it even more. We have about 50 acres of it around the house & that is what most of the yard actually is so you can tell what we are up against. Anyway, we dug out the clumps and then had to remove the poor iris, periwinkle, etc. from it. Then we had to find fill dirt to put in the hole because of the tremendous root mass we had to remove. I'll save some of the iris we removed for trades, our DD and her family who may have just purchased a new home with plenty of yard.
Have a good weekend everyone.

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Fayette, MO(Zone 6a)

Oh Patty, Can't wait.
Spent the morning at the livestock auction. We bought 3 more bottle calves. OK , two really really neat calves and one is the reincarnation of the devil. Think I will call him Red (devil). His mother had died and he has been on his own for awhile. Tried to kick his way through everything here. A rough looking little guy. one of the other is a charlois mix heifer. Mostly white with long legs and the other is an adorable little guernsey boy calf. Love those eyes. I thought I might have trouble getting them to take the bottle , but heck no. The little guernsey knew immediately what it was, but would hardly let me feed the heifer. kept butting me and chewing on me wanting more even after a whole bottle. The heifer is so gentle and pretty. Hubby and I are pooped after our long day. Happy St. Pat's to all.

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