Monday 3/19/01

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Good day, all ~

I finally got all my stuff set up on my new computer, and have consistant network connection again! Yippee! Just spent the last hour checking out old posts - think I've got my "fix" for the moment.

Anyways, DH and the neighbor renailed all the boards on the one wall of the fence yesterday. Did not make the dogs happy at all to see someone "not from the pack" in our yard. They stood by the window and barked and hollered and made all kinds of ruckus until the men were done and the neighbor was "back in his own yard" :-)

Well, take care everyone.



Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

What a beautiful a.m. today-the sun is shinning brightly-no wind yet and it smells like spring!!!! yahoooooo
Yesterday it was much of the same and I raked the rocks out of the yard where hubby had piled the snow-from drive way clearing!! He had alot of gravel pushed in the grass! Today I plan to be out there again picking up the yard and I dont know what else-but im going to be OUTSIDE!
Karla-glad you got your puter squared away-check out co-op glad orders today!!!
Isnt it neat how our animals know when something just isnt right. My puppies always let me know when a storms on the way.
I hope everyone has a great day-Its almost SPRING!!!!
God Bless everyone,

southeast, NE

Good morning everyone! It was a cattle show weekend and today is catch up from the weekend plus all my office work, etc. etc. Dd did very well yesterday - Grand Champ Steer, Champ Maine Anjou steer with her other steer, Res Champ Market Heifer and Champ Commercial Breeding Heifer and Champ Advance Showmanship. Obviously you can tell that this was more of a local cattle show with majority of kids from Nebr. This brings the competition down a bit but we still felt pretty good at the end of the day. She received a bit of cash to help pay some of the expenses. Told her she had to help pay for some of my clothes. We use a type of "hair spray" on the calves' tales and legs to make them look prettier and bulkier. A special type of "legal" spray paint is then sprayed over the tales and legs to cover the hair spray. Well dd put it in the box and I leaned against the box and all of a sudden felt something damp on my behind. I had leaned against the spray bottle and it left a nice black spot on the back of my jacket, shirt tails and jeans. And it is not in a very "nice" spot. So I am trying to get this supposedly washable paint out. We are always giving speeches about putting lids back on things.

Patty - I think all farmers have had to put up with dog problems and it seems to be getting worse. When we were first married a husky killed a couple of our lambs and dh is extremely touchy about strange dogs on the place. He has had several talks with neighbors about their dogs and 95% of the time, when he tells them we will not tolerate the dogs and he will have to shoot the dogs, they will confine their dogs. But one year one idiot (and I use that term loosely) did not take our threat and we called the Sheriff, Humane Society, etc. and after several $100 of fines, dh finally had to shoot one of his dogs. And he was the "big bad" neighbor (because no one else had the "balls" enough to take care of the dogs). As you can probably tell, this is a pretty emotional subject for me.

KathyJo-reference your bucket calves. DD's cattle herd started with a bucket calf that we bought to get rid of goats milk. Dh was a little afraid that total goats milk might be a bit strong so we fed her 1/2 goats milk and 1/2 replacer. That cut down a bit on the cost. We did this with three bucket 4-H calves and they were unbelievably health. We have friends who raise cattle and end up with bottle calves. They don't have the time to individually milk the calves and don't want to spend the $$$ on replacer so they have several jersey cows. They train the calves to suck off the jersey cows.

I am a little long winded this a.m. and need to start getting rid of the piles around this house and office. You all have a great day!

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Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

you made me look! our's seem to be where they belong at the moment.

It's beautiful here, but still cool and lots of snow on the ground yet. yesterday was a bright blue day, but cold enough that even sun all day couldn't shake some left over ice off the trees. We're supposed to have near "normal" temps all week - I heard a robin this morning, so it can't be too far off. And, yes, I still listen for the killdeer first!

Jewel, tell your daughter congrats. I showed dairy calves when I was much younger for a couple of years. Our little town didn't have 4-H, so I did it as an independent. Never come away with more than a third. It is hard work.


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southeast, NE

Patty, Sounds like your brats must be related to a few of our brats. Good luck! Yes - it's a shame that the few disreputable show people have to make it bad for the rest of the reputable ones. Every year there are more and more rules and the rule books get thicker every year.

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Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Hello everyone. It sounds like some of you have had a wild morning! I did the usual 1 am lamb check, brought in a set of twins, nothing else going on. Then about 8 am while passing by on the road I saw a ewe almost upside down with a partially born lamb. She probably rolled up on her side with a labor pain and then rolled a little farther over a small hump in the pasture. I thought she was dead but then saw her kick with one of those hind legs that was sticking up in the air. The lamb had one leg and it's head out, and one leg still inside. I got the ewe on her side while hubby found the owner and I held her while the lamb was pulled out but unfortunately it wasn't alive. We got her to her feet and she followed the lamb which was being dragged along the ground a ways toward the barn, seemed to be disoriented and couldn't get one hind leg to work. So the rest of the trip was made by wheelbarrow to the barn.(A sheep laying in a semi-upright position in a wheelbarrow is a comical sight under normal circumstances, they are just absolutely helpless). She had another dead lamb inside, and is now in a pen with 2 borrowed lambs which she seems to like until they try to nurse, then she resists a little. she might resist more if she wasn't so weak, poor thing. It would be good if we can talk her into feeding and raising them. Today is really nice, partly sunny and up to 58*. Hard to believe, but it only got down to 40* overnight. Spring? Maybe. I have two crocus in bloom and one little flower on a violet. Daffodils have flower stalks but nothing showing color yet. Now I'm going riding, see you all later. count your blessings.

Fayette, MO(Zone 6a)

Well, my life is not my own sometimes. Up for the early shift to bottle feed my new calves. They are doing really good. Red is even acting a little better, even eating out of my hand. off to my 8-5. home to another round of bottles, watering, lamb checks. Wish I coulda skipped the 8-5 part of it. I swear that 3 of my ewes are taking their very sweet time about bringing little ones into the world. It can't possible be much longer.
off the subject --- but how bout Missouri Women's basketball!. Two teams in the sweet 16!
Well, think I'll go bathe or potatoes are going to grow outta my pockets. With all this mud the laundry in this house has been a challenge.

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