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Midland, PA

Well folks, I need your ideas. Here is picture 1 of 3 of my front yard. I'm open to just about anything.

This picture starts at the left of the yard, the next will be the middle and the last the extreme right.

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Westbrook, ME(Zone 5a)

Are you just looking for low maintenance plantings or did you want to put in some flower beds? What are those trees? The roots could be a big problem with anything you plant there.

Midland, PA

Well - this is the only spot where there are things planted. I put some irises, artemisia, daylilies, hostas, and several others that I don't know what they are on the slope. Right behind the 2 twisted wild cherry trees is my "grandma's bulbs" bed. She had some glads, daffodils, a couple of tulips and some others that I'm not sure what they are. Everything was put in there as a temporary spot, since the plants were a come and get em or there getting thrown in the trash type of scenario.

Most of the trees in the front are Wild Cherry's, there is a maple and several tulip poplars. Does that help??

Westbrook, ME(Zone 5a)

Maples are a killer. They really have invasive roots. That's what I have out front - city trees. They're strangling my flowers in front of the house. We pulled roots out of our pipes this fall.

Midland, PA

Wonderful - it's at the base of this side. So it's history then, as soon as the weather is fit, I'm cutting it down.

I like the daylilies on that side - there is a slew of them up the road a bit on the side of the road. I'll just do some moving. What do you think of doing "puzzle" pieces on the top with little walkways through it and somehow terracing the front?

There must be a hundred tires thrown along the hillside - wouldn't those cut in half and secured with a spike work as a terrace wall? I took a tour on your homepage and now I'm really getting excited to get started. And no, I love the way the flowers look when they are close together. Makes them look happily loved to me.

Thank you

Westbrook, ME(Zone 5a)

Geez ... I wish the city would take mine down so easily! Terracing is a good idea. Sounds like a lot of work - but you could make it really nice. The tires would be great with planting holes left where they cure. Creeping phlox and "spilly" plants could be used so they spill over the edges.

Midland, PA

It won't be the city - It'll be me taking it down. When we started on the property is was overgrown with crabapple, elms and locust. So my first major purchase was a chainsaw, and once I have this baby, the tree is history. I've got toooo much money in that system to loose it to a tree.

This mound and surrounding yard was finished in early September last year, so I've managed to get grass on to keep it from getting ruts before the snow fell. So I'll spend the summer putting this bed(s)in and then move onto the back. Wait till you see that one. It's going to be worse than this project. Thank you again for all of your help.

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