Where on Earth Did THAT Come From?

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I have been reading some essays written by farmers about their experiences in trying to farm in today's socioeconomic and political climates. I was particularly struck by the paper by Kathleen Kelley who used to be high up in trade negotiations around the world. Her words are pretty sobering and ring clearly with truth.


There are other really good statements also to be found at the familyfarm.org website.


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Santa Barbara, CA


Interesting problem. I guess we have to go to www.familyfarmer.org and then open up the link to the commentaries. Try that.

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I tried going to the site another way and I still couldn't access it. Oh well. :(


Santa Barbara, CA

Well, no wonder because I is a ijgiot twas no reada rite...


Maybe this will work!

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H'mm seems like Marshall hasn't forgotten his Bawstn


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THAT was an eye opener for sure. Especially this part:

"The greatest myth of American agriculture is based back in the 1950s and arouse from what was a noble morality that we could and should feed the world. It is what is driving the insanity of the global market today. We ignored the centuries old warnings of Thomas Malthus, that "population will grow faster than food production," and while college professors and think-tank zealots bloody themselves with trivial details about whether or not the Malthusian theory has been proven, the simple statistical reality exists in the year 2001, we will starve to death more people than lived in the world at the time Malthus wrote his treatise."


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Great minds think alike, Petikins. Did I not say, early on in these discussions, that a Malthusian catastrophe is just around the corner.

My favorite line though was "the only one left for us to trust is Allah, and we have failed him."

Richmond Hill, GA(Zone 8b)

Honestly, I find that statement to be true. :(

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